Bari, tomorrow at Spazio Murat: tech companies looking for talent

The second edition of the Tech Jobs Fair, the event organized by Swap Party and sponsored by the Municipality of Bari which brings together talents and innovative companies looking for figures to integrate into your staff. Entry is free, upon registration at this link: TECH JOBS fair Bari – 18 May 2024 > TECH JOBS fair TECH JOBS fair.

The Bari stage includes several technical training sessions held by industry experts with some of the most innovative companies in the national tech sector, ready to introduce themselves to candidates; for each one a dedicated desk will be set up where candidates can meet the recruiters.

The day will therefore not only be an event where supply and demand meet, but also an opportunity for in-depth analysis, exchange and training, with technical speeches by the companies, presentations and networking moments. In the early afternoon there is also an extremely important moment in which the teams that participated in the Online Hackathon from 13 to 17 May will present the coding projects they have created, describing the technologies and tools used and the organization of their work to achieve the result. In this way, companies will have the opportunity to see some of the candidates “in action”.

During the event we will also discuss big data, Artificial Intelligence, Open Source and much more, creating the opportunity for those who have just completed their studies or have little work experience in the sector to get involved, to receive a feedback on your preparation, make your skills known and, for those who are not in Puglia, change your job and life by moving to the South.

Various entrepreneurial realities from Puglia or with offices in the Puglia area that have confirmed their presence, including Almaviva Digitaltec, Axians, BIP Group, BurdaForward, Contrader, Ethica System, Exprivia, EY, Logifuture, Lutech, Orienta Digital, Seacom and Sidea Group .

There are 12 companies and associations that are partners of the Tech Jobs Fair: Apulia Digital, a platform for post-diploma professional courses in the “Information, Communication and Data Technology” area in Puglia; Aulab, the first Italian digital and tech Hackademy with more than 10 thousand students to date; Bianco Lavoro Euspert, one of the most complete and followed blogs dedicated to work in Italy, with a database of thousands of offers updated in real time; Deckx, analysis and targeted strategies for the acquisition of tech personnel; GDG Bari, a community of developers, designers and IT enthusiasts interested in Google technologies present in the Bari area; Ecosistema Formazione Italia, a non-profit association that promotes the growth of training realities by creating a network with other trainers and bodies; FlexRem, whose mission is to create seamless interactions in the world of remote and hybrid work; Forloop, the first Recruiting as a service subscription service; PLUG, an association whose aim is to spread the themes of digital innovation, discussion, cultural and technological exchange; Puglia Women Lead, which promotes empowerment, female entrepreneurship and the development of digital skills for Apulian women; TechCompensa, the site to find out how much you really earn in tech companies in Italy in the technology, product management and marketing fields; and TomorrowDevs, customized training for developers.

Info: TECH JOBS fair Bari – 18 May 2024 > TECH JOBS fair TECH JOBS fair

Below is the program of the day: 9.30am entry and registration 10.00am Greetings from the organizers and presentation of the partners who contributed to the event 10.30am Get to know the companies of the TECH JOBS fair Bari. An intense discussion conducted by journalist Francesca Franceschi with the protagonists of the companies looking for tech personnel in Puglia who sponsored the event. 11.45am Data Pipeline in the world of Media Tech Companies In this session you will be able to discover how a large digital publishing company manages the procurement of data from a varied multitude of sources and the related enabling technologies. 12.05 Navigate the future of tech work: how Open Source and Communities can open new doors and boost your career

In the evolving world of tech work, Artificial Intelligence represents both a challenge and an opportunity. AI won’t steal jobs, in fact it will transform them. To be ready to adapt and navigate this change, it is essential to find the right balance between hard and soft skills. Open Source and active community involvement can be your most powerful allies on this journey.

12.25pm ​​BIP Company Presentation 12.45pm Analytics: the power of the associative paradigm and AI to discover insights 1.05pm Maintaining pace with technology: the new expectations of Gen Z and Gen Alpha

The importance of understanding the expectations and needs of users and customers, and in particular of younger generations such as Gen Z and Gen Alpha, for the success of companies in the rapidly evolving technological environment. 2.00pm Presentation of projects created during the hackathon

The teams that participated in the online hackathon from May 13th to 17th present their coding projects they worked on based on the proposed requirements. Each team will present their MVP, describing the technologies and tools used, the organization of their work to achieve the result. In this way, companies will have the opportunity to see some of the candidates ‘in action’.

3.45pm Platform engineering with CNCF – navigating the landscape for success This talk delves into the critical intersection of Platform Engineering and CNCF projects, offering insights into harnessing these tools to build robust, scalable, and efficient platforms. 16:05 Augmented martech: the new vision for marketing driven by artificial intelligence

Mar-tech trends with AI focus; after an introduction on AI, we will examine AI for marketing decisions and actions with a particular focus on a business case linked to the large language model. 4.25pm ​​Generative AI and its impact in the enterprise world: 3 use cases developed by R&D Bari

Three application scenarios of Generative AI developed by Lutech’s Bari R&D center of excellence will be presented: Digital Twin, Intelligent IT Operations and Process Automation.

5.00pm TECH JOBS fair Bari 2024 ends.

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