Homophobia, Italy does not sign EU declaration: the government’s position

“We are very clear: our government has signed the European declaration against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. However, we have not signed and will not sign anything that concerns the denial of male and female identitywhich has already caused many injustices in the world, particularly to the detriment of women”. Eugenia Roccella, Minister for Family, Birth and Equal Opportunities, illustrates the government’s position in relation to the EU declaration and rejects the opposition’s accusations.

“Once again the left does not have the courage of its positions and prefers to hide behind the usual lies. The Italian government is on the front line against all discrimination throughout the world, wherever it comes from, while the left uses the sacrosanct fight against discrimination linked to sexual orientation as a fig leaf to hide its true objective, namely gender”, says Roccella.

“If the left and Elly Schlein want to revive the Zan law, gender and the possibility of declaring oneself male or female beyond biological reality, they must have the courage to say it clearly. If it is the gender they want, they must propose it openly and do during the election campaign, so as to allow voters to express their opinion on this too”, he says.

What a shame this government decides not to sign on the international day against homotransphobia a declaration for European policies in favor of LGBTQ+ people. It is not acceptable”, the attack by PD secretary Elly Schlein. “The PD will continue to fight for a law against homotransphobia and to ensure full rights for LGBTQ+ families, starting with the recognition of their children – she adds -. This year the government did not sign the declaration to campaign on the backs of discriminated people.” “Italy today did not sign the EU declaration to promote policies in favor of LGBTQIA+ people because according to the Meloni government ‘it follows the bill Zan’. Translated: because it asks to respect fundamental human rights. And this right wants to continue to violate them”, writes the Democratic Party deputy and head of Rights of the Democratic Party Alessandro Zan in X.

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