laborer dies crushed by tractor


Rifondazione Comunista expresses its most sincere and sad condolences to the family members for yet another fatal accident in Sicily. This time it happened in Castiglione di Sicilia, in the Catania area, in the Rovittello district. A 50-year-old agricultural worker died after being crushed by a tractor he was operating on behalf of an important wine company whose name the right-thinking press is careful not to mention“. We read it in a note signed by Mario PuglieseRegional Labor Manager, and Nicola Candido, Sicily Regional Secretary, Communist Refoundation Party – European Left.

Was this your usual job? had the tractor/excavator installed the anti-tipping system (an iron bar that surmounts and protects the driving position) which allows the driver to fall out of the way and from the weight of the overturned vehicle? We await serious and in-depth investigations in a sector in which prevention is lagging behind, as demonstrated by the repetition of “ancient” accident trends, such as rollovers, which are increasingly serious and deadly.“, continues the note.

We need to strengthen the RLS system, give voice and more strength and importance to the reports of workers and trade unions“, conclude the exponents of Rifondazione Comunista.

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