Pordenone weather, the forecast for tomorrow Friday 17 May


The forecast for Friday 17 May at Pordenone show an alternation of atmospheric conditions throughout the day. In the morning, the sky will be covered by scattered clouds with a chance of light rain around 40-50%. Temperatures will remain around +17-18°C, with a slightly lower perception due to the breeze that will blow from the South – South West at a speed of around 10-20km/h.

In the afternoon, the meteorological situation will not undergo significant changes, with cloudy skies and light rains which will continue to affect the area. Maximum temperatures will be around +18-19°C, while the relative humidity of the air will be around 70-75%.

In the evening, weather conditions are expected to improve, with a decrease in cloud cover and precipitation. Temperatures will drop slightly, settling around +13-15°C, while atmospheric pressure will remain stable around 1010-1013hPa.

In conclusion, Friday 17 May in Pordenone it will be characterized by an unstable start to the day, with light rain and overcast skies, followed by an improvement in atmospheric conditions during the evening. It is advisable to pay attention to the weather forecast and bring an umbrella to deal with any rainfall.

All the weather data for Friday 17 May in Pordenone

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