Modena weather, the forecast for tomorrow Friday 17 May


The weather forecast for Friday 17 May in Modena show stable and pleasant conditions throughout the day.

During the morning, the sky will be clear with almost no cloud cover. Temperatures will remain around +15°C and the wind will blow light from the West with speed around 10 km/h.

In the afternoon, the situation will remain almost unchanged with scattered clouds that could increase slightly in intensity. Temperatures will rise to +22°C and the wind will continue to blow from the West with a speed of around 18km/h.

In evening, the sky will remain clear with minimal cloud cover. Temperatures will be around +14°C and the wind will still be coming from the West with a speed of approx 15-20 km/h.

In general, Friday 17 May in Modena promises to be pleasant, with pleasant temperatures and stable sky conditions. However, it is advisable to keep an eye on the weather forecast for the next few days, as there may be changes in weather conditions.

All the weather data for Friday 17 May in Modena

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