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Sassari A leading role to be rediscovered and reclaimed, but also a responsibility towards the vast area while waiting for the long-awaited and essential metropolitan city to finally take off. The task that awaits the future mayor of Sassari is not limited to the solution of the complex problems “inside the walls”. Also because many of the issues on the table are impossible to deal with except from a territorial perspective, and only by involving the territory is it possible to find solutions.

Topics on which yesterday morning Mariano Brianda, Nicola Lucchi, Gavino Mariotti, Giuseppe Mascia And Giuseppe Palopoli they met with the editorial staff of Nuova Sardegna in a debate, the first of this electoral campaign in which they are all aligned, introduced by the director Giacomo Bedeschi and moderated by the head of the News sector Gianni Bazzoni. In particular, there were two issues of regional “weight” on which the discussion developed: healthcare, and the need or otherwise for a new city hospital, and mobility, with particular reference to ports and airports, their defense and their relaunch.

Healthcare The request to build a new hospital in Sassari was unanimous, despite substantial differences regarding the location and the methods for identifying it.

«The new hospital is essential – – he explained Gavino Mariotti –. Sassari does not have a hospital but only a series of blocks of flats that cannot be connected to each other. It is an investment of 1 billion and 200 million and must be made in the place that had been identified by Solinas with the Faculty of Medicine inside. On the shortage of doctors: it is a structural problem in Italy, the result of a wrong law on limited numbers, it must be changed.”

«Sassari must return to being able to claim what it is owed and what is due to it – he said Giuseppe Mascia –. We are in favor of a new hospital but President Todde did well to quash Solinas’ last minute intervention because the identification of the area where to build it is an issue that must have a discussion with the municipal administration, the municipal council . We believe that the best area to carry it out is in Piandanna, downstream from the white stripe, because it allows for the infrastructure of a new road system and to free up all the energy of Viale Italia”.

«When we talk about healthcare we are talking about people’s lives – he explained Giuseppe Palopoli –. They did well to renovate the emergency room and build a dignified waiting room. The problem is that the emergency room lacks doctors. I am in favor of the new hospital, because concentrating everything in a single building is the best thing. But I make an appeal to everyone: let’s call the doctors back to our city, they are running away.”

«The issue of healthcare is the one that creates the greatest apprehension among citizens – he said Mariano Brianda – and in the Constituent Assembly for Sassari he was given particular attention. The Municipality, despite having no direct competence, can do a lot: promote basic medicine and infrastructure. Sassari does not have a hospice, the Municipality can provide a place to host it. We need to create Sassari in solidarity with volunteering. On the hospital: where are the funds we have to refurbish the hospital we have now? Why did we stop? We don’t want to do it there very well, the citizens must decide where to do it.”

«Talking about healthcare means talking about the constitutionally guaranteed right to health – he underlined Nicola Lucchi – We need to think about healthcare as a metropolitan city. The need for a large structure that provides support and service for the entire territory is a fundamental step. It must be said that the Municipality has not even received a plan from the Region, an indication of where to build a structure that needs at least thirty hectares to be accommodated.”

Mobility «Sirio should connect all the neighborhoods, the airport and the port – he said Palopoli –, Promote access to the city. I would remove Sirio from Viale Italia, however, to bring it back to two-way traffic. Because it is not possible for those arriving from outside to reach the center via a secondary road.”

«Mobility is central to the development of the city and the territory – he underlined Brianda – From the outside, the roads must lead to Sassari and to do this we need to make a traffic plan from scratch that we have already created, with oriented flows, for example with exchange stands. The light rail is something to focus on, and expand. But here too the citizens must decide.”

«One of the key points of the role of the metropolitan city to be formed is mobility – he explained Lucchi –. We have two interlocutors to talk about connections to the port and airport: Arst and the Region. And possible solutions are already on the table. For now we are building the intermodal centre, which is the point of arrival and interchange of the different modes of transport, the starting condition for welcoming a new mobility system”.

«The political and strategic role of the city of Sassari must be underlined – he said Mariotti –. We have no longer had the leading role of the territory for years. We must regain possession of it by demonstrating that we have projects for the territory, for the port, the airport. Which also involves a dispute with the Region, because in Cagliari hundreds of millions of euros have been invested in the port, and nothing in Porto Torres and Olbia”.

«Sassari has a responsibility towards the entire territory – he closed Mascia –. It has lost the ability to connect and connect with all the surrounding communities. We contested the mobility plan of the last mandate. The public transport system must be made rational, usable and univocal. And the electrification of a system that can connect Sassari with Sorso to get to Castelsardo is there. For the airport you have to bang your fists on the table, for the port there are great possibilities to develop projects for the port area, rear port, docks, in a synergistic and cohesive way”.

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