Di Massimantonio’s challenge: «We want a fairer city» – Teramo

GIULIANOVA. The press conference of the aspiring mayor of the radical left was held yesterday in the suggestive setting of the Buozzi room Daniele Di Massimantonio. The names of the candidates and the programs of the two lists that support the spokesperson of the People’s Union were officially presented: “Cultura politica”, the youngest with an average age of 37, and “Nos-Noi”. Di Massimantonio will also enjoy external support from the Italian Socialists: just yesterday the support on behalf of the national secretary was made official Enzo Maraio through the local exponent Claudio Del Grosso, present at the conference. They were at the table Antonietta Narcisi And Dino Maceraboth candidates in the “Nos-Noi” list, Del Grosso himself ed Elisa Braca which brought greetings from the People’s Union.
«It will not be the candidacy of an individual», Di Massimantonio underlined, «but of a collective, the chorality will be our strong point: our program aims to implement policies for a more just, sustainable city, and with particular attention to health, labor and social policies”. Di Massimantonio, during the meeting, outlined his proposals for the future of the city, with particular emphasis on healthcare and the Giulianova hospital which he defined as «the Cinderella of the Teramo Local Health Authority, heavily penalized by the new healthcare plan of the regional hospital network, drawn up by the Marsilio council with the approval of the mayor Jwan Costantini»; he therefore expressed his desire to bring attention back to the hospital in Giulia, committing himself to dialogue with the Region to improve services. «The mayor is the highest local health authority», added the aspiring mayor, «the person responsible for the health condition of the population in his territory: Costantini was complicit in the penalization of the hospital, he politically endorsed the choices of the Region after having said, during the election campaign, in 2019, that he would chain himself.” Still in the health sector, Di Massimantonio also proposed strengthening the recently opened Alzheimer center in Bivio Bellocchio and establishing an integrated primary care unit to guarantee complete assistance to citizens.
The mayoral candidate of the radical left also wanted to highlight the importance of enhancing local cultural and historical resources, through the promotion of initiatives, thus promoting the economic development of the city. Among the central topics of yesterday morning’s meeting were participatory democracy and participatory budgeting: for Di Massimantonio it is important to actively involve the citizens of Giulia in administrative decisions. With a view to promoting broader involvement in the management of the city, he spoke of the establishment of a department for participatory democracy. There has been no shortage of criticism of the outgoing Costantini: «The commercial premises in the city center are vacant and instead of implementing strategies to relaunch the Giuliese trade, he has filled the windows of the vacant commercial establishments with electoral images and blow-ups». Finally, the right to housing and the issue of the Ater buildings in via Brodolini. «A situation which unfortunately does not have a definitive solution», concluded Di Massimantonio, «with residents who have been living in a state of degradation and severe social hardship for months».

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