Boxing, triumph in Matera for Quero-Chiloiro Taranto

The balance sheet of the last amateur meeting faced by the Italian boxing champions Quero-Chiloiro Taranto is five wins, two draws and one defeat. The Coni Stella d’Oro al Merito Sportivo club therefore scores new points for the national club ranking. The theater of the new positive affirmation of the Apulian association was the gym of the ASD Pegasus Gym & Boxing Club Matera of maestro Luciano Panettieri, promoter of the event with Quero-Chiloiro Taranto.

The meeting in Matera was opened by five Sparring-Io competitions, the latest competition created by the national Federboxe to strengthen the youth movement, which concerns the last group of nurseries, i.e. the 12/13 year old students, who are called to compete in light boxing with three rounds of 60 seconds with one minute of recovery between rounds in a real regulation ring.

The movements and shots mimed between the baby athletes decide the match. Three of these, from Quero-Chiloiro, the “Kangaroos” Alessandro Locapo and Nicholas Acquaro, and the “Pupil” Samuele Del Gaudio have established themselves. The “Allievi” Vincenzo Quero and Salvatore Vitiello were defeated. “But it remains a very positive proof of our very young athletes, who are technically good and who, in this ring, have introduced new seeds of experience” comments the coach and master of Quero-Chiloiro Cataldo Quero, assisted in the corner for the Sparring matches. Me with Cosimo Quero.

These are the results in the amateur matches, starting from the five victories of Quero-Chiloiro. The Junior 75 kg Christian Tursi won over Francesco Tota of Habachi Corato after a good match in which the boxer from Taranto kept his opponent at bay with a powerful and mature conduct. Another good match was the one in which Alessandro Zizzaro emerged victorious over the strong Mirko Congedi of Team Zinfo Lizzanello in the Junior 60 kg category.

It was a growing success on the part of Zizzaro, who consecrated his excessive power with an excellent third round, in which he made full use of his counter-offensive throw-in tactic with lunging shots. Another clear victory from Taranto by the Junior 75 kg Salvatore Pugliese, against a Youth, therefore bigger, that is Diego Doria of Team Zinfo Lizzanello.

The verdict of the match came due to medical intervention in the second round on Doria, injured by Pugliese’s “penetration”. The last two victories from Taranto were achieved by the Youth 77 kg Alessandro Franco and the Elite 75 kg Giovanni Galiulo, respectively against their opponents Alessio Mele of Boxe Modugno and Antonello Persia of Pegasus Gym Matera for Rsc in the second round.

Then, two draws in Matera: one by the Elite 67 kg of Quero-Chiloiro Antonio Di Carlo with Nicolò Boccia of Team Zinfo Lizzanello, the other by Valerio Carriero from Taranto in the Youth 63.5 kg with Antonio Indraccolo of Team Zinfo Lizzanello. Only defeat for Quero-Chiloiro by the Elite 67 kg Davide Donvito, who was beaten by Pierpaolo Russano of the Amici del Pugilato Lecce.

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