Francesco Ciardiello continues to create masterpieces. The Madonna del Buon Consiglio in Torre del Greco • Clarus is his work

We are happy to return to talking about Francesco Ciardiello, a young sculptor from Matese but now an established artist. His predilection is sacred art with which he manages to express himself naturally, reflecting the expectations of his clients in a particularly sensitive way. This time he signs the monumental work of Our Lady of Good Counsel for the homonymous sanctuary of Greek’s toweruntil now venerated in the icon, but for a few days now plastically visible in the form of a statue and which will be placed on the top of the church in the Vesuvian city.

Work that lasted months Ciardiello art studies Of Piedimonte Matese city ​​of origin and residence of Francesco and his family; here, the work commissioned by the parish priest of the Buon Consiglio Parish, Don Ciro Sorrentino, slowly took shape: passing from careful computer work to program in every detail the right combination of materials, proportions, and even the reliability of such an artefact over time, to the creation of the work with sophisticated robots and then the chiseling of the details. Francesco sculpted blocks of high-density Labelite, a composite material that guarantees excellent performance and lightness, with the help of high-definition tools; then the hand chiseling work to refine every single and tiny detail, which requires greater commitment but gives the artist the reward of a work that amazes. Finally the work was covered in fibreglass. The final act was the delivery of the work which took place last May 13th at 9pm at the Torre del Greco motorway toll booth, allowing the local faithful to take it into the city and accompany it in a procession to the sanctuary where it will remain on display in the entrance portico until May 21st. On this date, at 5 in the morning, the monumental statue will be hoisted to the top of the sanctuary and for the first time citizens will admire its grandeur and delicacy at the same time.

“Every work of art, especially if it is a piece of sacred art, brings with it a story, that of the community or people who commissioned it; experience that regularly brings me closer not only to the history of a place but which strengthens my faith”, explains Francesco, reviewing some of the pieces created in recent years: those dear to the popular piety of Piedimonte Matese (the bust of the patron saint San Marcellino, priest and martyr and the statue of the Immaculate Conception), the altar and the ambo of the Cathedral of Alife (and for numerous other Churches in Italy), the Vara and the Simulacrum of San Giovanni Battista, Patron Saint of the city of Vittoria; but most of all the gift received from Pope Francis on the occasion of his visit to Bratislava, depicting Saint Martin giving his cloak to the poor in bronze and stone commissioned to Francis by the metropolitan archbishop of Bratislava HE Monsignor Stanislav Zvolenský (go to the article).

A story of daily chiselings, not only on stone or on the modern materials on which sculptural art relies, but chiselings that day after day redesign the face of a land which, thanks to the talent and audacity of young people like him, also stands as possible place to live, in which to stay. A challenge that appears even more difficult and satisfying if there are artisan activities involved, almost always aimed at a niche clientele.

Francesco Ciardiello greets the Pope. Next to the Pontiff Monsignor Rino Fisichella

The sculptural group depicting Saint Martin of Tours giving his cloak to the poor commissioned by the archbishop of Bratislava as a gift to Pope Francis

Francesco Ciardiello with Father Ibrahim Faltas Vicar of the Custody of the Holy Land

Francesco Ciardiello with Father Ibrahim Faltas Vicar of the Custody of the Holy Land

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