Mafia investigation closed, Sassari rector Gavino Mariotti under investigation La Nuova Sardegna

Mafia investigation closed, Sassari rector Gavino Mariotti under investigation La Nuova Sardegna
Mafia investigation closed, Sassari rector Gavino Mariotti under investigation La Nuova Sardegna

Cagliari The District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Cagliari officially closes the “Monte Nuovo” investigation into the alleged illicit relationships between organized crime, white collar workers and representatives of the institutions. The same investigation that had forcefully conquered the foreground of the newspapers last September, when together with the former regional councilor for Agriculture Gabriella Murgia and to the doctor Tomaso Cocco (at the time head of pain therapy at the Binaghi hospital) another 11 people had ended up in prison plus 18 under house arrest.

Accusations confirmed The notice sent last night to all the suspects and their defenders essentially keeps unchanged the framework of the charges contained in the 407-page precautionary custody order signed at the time by the investigating judge Michele Contini. This means that the prosecutor Emanuele Secci, effectively ignoring the ruling of the Review Court which had excluded the mafia-type association and the secret association, instead confirmed these two very serious charges. An act that left the lawyers stunned.

New suspects But the other news inevitably destined to cause a stir is that the names of three other suspects now appear in the closed file. Very well-known people, like Gavino Mariotti, rector of the University of Sassari but also candidate for the office of mayor for the center-right in that same city. Then, there is Massimo Temussi, former commissioner of the ATS and currently in Rome with the ministerial role of general director of active labor policies. He is also included in the list of suspects Giorgio Carboniformer health director of the ATS and now general director of the Medio Campidano ASL.

The rector Mariotti is indicated by the anti-mafia district prosecutor as the promoter and organizer of the criminal association, which – according to the prosecutor – even favored his election as rector of the Sassari university. «A point of reference in the world of institutions, healthcare and credit», according to the accusation he would have ensured his unconditional availability to facilitate affiliates and neighboring people for the realization of the illicit objectives pursued from time to time, such as appointments managers in healthcare, hiring in public administration, privileged access to bank credit and concessions in the services provided by the National Health System.

Public managers Temussi and Carboni, however, are charged with abuse of office and disclosure of official secrets. For the investigators, the first in his capacity as extraordinary commissioner of the ATS, and the second in his capacity as health director of the same regional company, «intentionally and at the instigation of Tomaso Cocco», they would have «provided the latter with the unfair financial advantage consisting in the assignment of the role of manager of the Simple Departmental Structure for Pain Therapy of the Binaghi hospital in Cagliari.

According to the public prosecutor, Temussi and Carboni also abused their respective qualities and the powers of their role by “systematically revealing” to Tomaso Cocco «news concerning the administrative procedure relating to the internal selection for the position of director of the Pain Therapy Facility for the single hospital units of Olbia, Nuoro and Cagliar».

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