Mandatory street slip for annoying foreigners in Ancona

The police cars leaving the Ancona Police Headquarters

The Police Commissioner of Ancona, Dr. Cesare Capocasa, recently issued a Mandatory Dispatch Notice against a troublesome foreign citizen, to ensure legality in the Doric territory. The prevention measure was adopted the day after the man was referred to the Judicial Authority by the State Police for crimes of drunkenness, aggravated damage, resistance and threats to a Public Official.

On the night of May 10, a Somali citizen aged around 29 was stopped by the Flying Squad in a clear state of psychophysical alteration. The man had damaged several parked cars by hitting the mirrors for no apparent reason. Furthermore, he resisted and threatened the police who intervened. For these facts, he was referred to the competent Judicial Authority.

Considering the social danger of the subject and his propensity to commit criminal offenses in the municipal area, the Police Commissioner of Ancona ordered the man to leave the city with a ban on returning for a period of three years.

The Police Commissioner of Ancona declared: “The State Police deploys, on a daily basis, every available tool to guarantee the safety of citizens through the prevention of crimes, intensifying territorial control activities and adopting measures that affect the personal freedom of subjects dangerous to public order and safety.”

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