Hollywood props on display in Turin

AGI – From Forrest Gump’s feather to Harry Potter magic wandfrom the Stormtrooper helmet dStar Wars until the Matrix bullet. There are 117 original props, including costumes and memorabilia, from Hollywood film sets, which make up the exhibition “Movie Icons. Objects from Hollywood sets” (29 May 2024 – 13 January 2025), organized by the National Cinema Museum in collaboration with Theatrum Mundi and hosted inside the Mole Antonelliana in Turin.

Curated by Domenico De Gaetano, director of the National Cinema Museum of Turin, and Luca Cableri, director of the Theatrum Mundi gallery in Arezzo, the exhibition will be inaugurated on 28 May 2024 in the presence of the three-time Oscar-winning set designers Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo. The exhibition is not a simple census of memorabilia of the main cult films of recent decades.

Movie Icons offers, in fact, a journey through the film genres through iconic objects, costumes, accompanied by posters and advertising materials from the Museum’s collection to give life to a stratification of stories: from the simple memory of the film and its history to the backstage and the different cinema professions. Each object also tells of an artistic research which, in a few decades, has veered increasingly towards the virtual and digital. Hence the importance of returning to tangible objects and a reflection on collecting and its evolution. The pieces on display come from the collections of the National Cinema Museum, Theatrum Mundi and Propstore.

“With this exhibition the National Cinema Museum continues an artistic journey of great depth – explains president Enzo Ghigo – the objective is twofold: on the one hand to create spectacular exhibitions that attract the general public and on the other to create proposals that build the loyalty of the public younger.”

For the director of the Museum and co-curator of the exhibition, Domenico De Gaetano “the exhibition aims to outline a logbook, almost a map of the rapid creative and technological changes of cinema, through its symbolic objects”.

“I am honored that my collection of props is hosted in a unique museum in the world – declares Luca Cableri, director of the Theatrum Mundi Gallery and co-curator of the exhibition – the passion that drove me to collect these cinema objects is the same that I have found among the museum staff and who convinced me to exhibit them to the public for the first time. For me it is a dream come true and I hope that visitors will also be able to daydream by living or reliving the stories that these iconic objects tell.”

Before the inauguration, the National Cinema Museum will host a special event on May 28th Masterclasses in the Hall of the Temple of the Mole Antonelliana, held by a pair of Italian masters who gave shape to the cinematic universe of unforgettable masterpieces, not only Hollywood ones: Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo, set designers and costume designers, respectively awarded three Oscars for the scenography (Academy Awards for Best Production Design). The masters Ferretti and Lo Schiavo will be awarded the Stella della Mole Award, a prestigious recognition that the National Cinema Museum gives to the most representative excellences of the contemporary international cinematographic panorama.

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