Tari unchanged, towards the postponement of the installment – Pescara

PESCARA. With 17 yes votes and 9 abstentions, the city council approved the financial economic plan which forms the basis for calculating the waste tax tariffs. The tax this year will remain almost unchanged, considering that as explained by the tax councilor Eugenio Seccia, the document «which amounts to approximately 26 million 670 thousand euros differs from that of last year by just 22 thousand euros». It is now up to Adriatica Diritti, which manages the collection of taxes, to provide the actual calculation for the 86,253 domestic users and the 12,599 non-domestic users present in the city.
«The single installment should expire around June 15-30, but the law now allows the council to hypothesize a possible postponement of the deadlines. The dialogue will therefore be with Adriatica Diritti, and once we have the timetable we will evaluate a postponement if necessary”. It is precisely the hypothetical postponement that generated the first controversy in the city council, raised by the PD group leader Piero Giampietro. «Last year there was a change in the regulation which made it necessary to postpone the deadline. When the deadline for this tax was set for April years ago, it was done to avoid it overlapping with other deadlines. Thinking that everything could be postponed until after the summer could put the Municipality’s coffers in difficulty on the one hand and the pockets of families and businesses on the other, with 4 installments too close together.” The other criticism came from the group leader of the 5 Star Movement, Paolo Sola, who highlighted how «the maintenance of the Tari tariff plan unchanged compared to last year is certainly not the result of a virtuous management of the waste cycle, but the consequence of a forced stop to the door-to-door collection system desired by the centre-right, who had to deal with the reality of an unsustainable method that caused only chaos and inconvenience for the citizens of Porta Nuova. After many proclamations about the fact that this antediluvian method would be extended to the whole city within a few months, now the mayor Masci and the councillor Del Trecco they do yet another about-face leaving a disaster halfway through. But in the forecast plan for 2025 there are already 600 thousand euros of additional costs which will fall on the shoulders of citizens because the intention of this council is to continue this failed project”.

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