May of books 2024-Brindisi: Presentation 17 May of “LE VITE BEFORE” by ALESSANDRA FERSINIrEst

May of books 2024-Brindisi: Presentation 17 May of “LE VITE BEFORE” by ALESSANDRA FERSINIrEst
May of books 2024-Brindisi: Presentation 17 May of “LE VITE BEFORE” by ALESSANDRA FERSINIrEst

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L’Aps Brindisi and the Ancient Streetswithin the scope of the activities of Academy of Wanderers plan “Riusa Brindisi – Neighborhood Houses” and Statio Peregrinorum, proposes a new appointment of the exhibition “Wandering Pages” in collaboration with “Brindisi, a city that reads” and the Minimus Neighborhood House.

The appointment is included in the May of Books 2024 calendar – Brindisi, promoted by Ministry of Culture and the Center for Books and Reading.

The meeting will be held on Friday May 17th hours 6.30pmat the Neighborhood House of the Academy of Wanderersin Via Giovanni Tarantini 35 (1st Floor – Former Convent of the Pious Schools)where the book will be presented “THE LIVES BEFORE…TOWARDS THE LAND OF OREGANO” by ALESSANDRA FERSINI, the green ray publisher and will take place during the anti-bad luck days.

The book: The genesis of this work, embellished not by chance with a series of images, is a careful selection of stories that the author has collected over time. As Andrea Cirolla writes in the preface, these are «Stories, memories, reports, chronicles or stories captured by chance and by obstinacy of research, from house to house, from field to field: the chapters of Alessandra Fersini’s book follow that word of order, more precise than Memory, more translatable into a practice than into a thought: Passing on”.

The Author, Alessandra Fersini, of Apulian origins, was born in 1993 and lives in Castro, a seaside village on the eastern coast of the province of Lecce. In 2016 he graduated in Anthropology in Siena while in 2022 he obtained a specialist in Modern Literature at the University of Salento. Always passionate about oral stories and popular traditions, she began collecting audio-visual material and writing stories resulting from “impressions”, chats or interviews from a very young age.

He will dialogue with the author: Antonio Melcore, Director of the Academy of Wanderers.

During the presentation, speeches are expected from the event partners, including WWF Brindisi And Remuri Brindisi ASD rowers and the Biologist Paola Pino D’Astore manager of the wildlife recovery center of the Province of Brindisi.

To enrich the event, an exhibition with tasting of typical products curated by theFarm PrimoSolepartner of the Accademia degli Erranti and aexhibition of photographs that tell the story of Brindisi yesterday and today.

During the meeting it will be possible to purchase a copy of the book.
Free entry, walk with us among the wandering pages.

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