the opinion of Fit Cisl Massa Carrara Tuscany North

“It’s increasingly difficult for drivers Tuscan bus lines pass the periodic medical assessment and control examinations for the recognition of physical fitness required by the Decree of the Ministry of Transport n°88 of 23 February 1999″. This was reported by Luca Mannini, secretary of Fit Cisl Massa Carrara Toscana Nord, who adds: “A Decree to protect users of Local Public Transport and the employees of Local Public Transport companies themselves; However, a decree which, over the years, has become increasingly stringent with each update of the guidelines of the European Community and the World Health Organization, putting workers and companies in difficulty who consequently find themselves with a high number of unsuitable personnel ; staff who remain stuck in the “pit” with a 50 percent salary in cases of temporary unsuitability or even zero pay in cases of definitive unsuitability; in the latter case the zero pay remains until the company is able to relocate the worker to another job; relocation which, however, is not always easy given the scarcity of alternative places available. And in our case or in Autolinee Toscane, unfortunately, the unsuitable people are increasing day by day; It’s a shame that “alternative” positions in other jobs are increasingly scarce given the growing number of cases. A difficult situation therefore both for the workers and their families who find themselves in great economic difficulty and for the company itself which finds itself a worker which does not know where and how to use it in a historical context in which it is difficult to recruit new workers in the sector due to low salaries, high costs for obtaining the necessary licenses, and often fragmented working hours with the use of work tapes long and precisely due to the strong uncertainties deriving from medical visits; We have faced the problem several times with the company but it is not a simple solution.

In the Apuan province the company once relocated its staff to the company ticket offices, to the workshop, for checks, refueling and bus cleaning but unfortunately over the years there has been an outsourcing of a large part of the workshop repairs and tasks verification and a complete outsourcing of ancillary activities such as supplies and cleaning, as well as a reduction in ticket offices; in Massa the ticket office was reopened only three years ago after years of outsourcing, in Carrara it was reopened on a trial basis, after years of closure, only in the morning for just three days a week and in Aulla now, despite our incessant requests for reopening, it has been closed for years.

As FIT-CISL we are therefore in favor of a re-internalisation of the aforementioned tasks but at the same time we recognize that, if this were to happen, we would only obtain a mitigation of the problem given that the unsuitable ones are increasing day by day. In our opinion, the problem must therefore be solved at its root by combining reinternalisation with other types of interventions; in fact, it is not possible to see drivers stopped just because of some incorrect value in medical tests, as currently often happens; on the other hand, it cannot be assumed that a worker who joins the company at 25-30 years of age will remain in the same physical conditions at 50, 55 or 60 or more years of age. Autolinee Toscane staff are not robots but real human beings. In our opinion it is therefore necessary to review the ministerial legislation and its guidelines, while respecting safety.

In our opinion it is then necessary to intervene on the CCNL because such an important and delicate matter cannot be left to be dealt with through the drafting of agreements in individual companies; we believe that a single regulation is necessary throughout the national territory, to guarantee all those workers who, despite themselves, find it impossible to carry out their duties and above all it is necessary to recover and make economic resources available to guarantee 100% salary coverage one hundred both in cases of temporary unsuitability and in cases of permanent unsuitability.

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