Lombardy, the wave of bad weather continues

The wave of bad weather that has hit Lombardy in the last few hours continues. In the first 18 hours of the day 110 mm of water fell in Cremasco, causing several floods of homes and streets: dozens of interventions by the firefighters of Crema and Cremona. In the meantime, the Civil Protection of Lombardy has issued a new weather alert, with code orangedue to hydrogeological risk and strong storms.

The alert for tomorrow

As indicated in the note, “the large depression over Western Europe will continue to convey humid southern winds across Northern Italy during tomorrow, Thursday 16 May, bringing new precipitation. In detail, probable precipitation between night and morning is reported in sectors of the Pre-Alps and the high western plain, while elsewhere phenomena are absent or unlikely. From mid-day the precipitation will be widespread again, even in the form of showers or thunderstorms, especially on the central-eastern plain and pre-Alpine sectors of Brescia/coasts of Lake Garda. Thunderstorms are expected from the afternoon until the evening, in particular on the central plain, on the eastern plain and on the lower western plain where they may take on an organized form. The possibility of scattered strong thunderstorms cannot be ruled out. In general, isolated accumulations of up to 60-80 mm/12h will be possible on the central-eastern plain. Moderate east winds expected on the eastern plain in the afternoon with maximum gusts between 35-50 km/h”.

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