Prato, wakes up and finds the robber in the room: two boys arrested

Prato, wakes up and finds the robber in the room: two boys arrested
Prato, wakes up and finds the robber in the room: two boys arrested

The video surveillance images and the clothing worn during the robbery betray them

He woke up to find a thief in his room who threatened him with death. It happened in the early hours of yesterday morning, Tuesday 14 May, when a report of a robbery inside a house located in Prato reached the operations room of the Prato Police Headquarters. via Pistoiese.

The officers who arrived on site found a fourteen-year-old Chinese boy and his parent and they learned from the boy that shortly before, when he woke up, around 7 am, he had noticed the presence in his bedroom a stranger who was rummaging through the bedside drawer. At this point the boy, frightened by the presence of the intruder, started screaming to attract the attention of his family, while the criminal, after having threatened the boy with death, took the cell phone and the iPad of the victim and ran away from the house.

The police began the investigation by acquiring images of video surveillance, which depicted two people entering the house. The officers then traced the identity of one of the two alleged robbers, corresponding to a 16 year old prejudiced. Police, together with the Carabinieri, engaged in the search for the same boy, suspected of having stolen a car during the night, undertook a search of the 16-year-old’s home.

The young man was found at home with a 20-year-old Egyptian man, who was also convicted and later recognized by the Chinese boy as the robber. During the search of the house they were some clothing worn during the robbery was seizedas clearly captured by the cameras.

Faced with protests, the 16-year-old and the 20-year-old have admitted his responsibilities to the criminal act: that’s how they were reported in a state of freedom for the crimes of aggravated robbery in complicity with a past crime. The minor was entrusted to his mother.

The proceeds of the robbery were not found as they were sold to a third person as exchange for pieces of cocaine already consumed by the two arrested men.

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