Pediatric Palliative Care. Third edition of the Giro d’Italia

Pediatric Palliative Care. Third edition of the Giro d’Italia
Pediatric Palliative Care. Third edition of the Giro d’Italia

Hundred. Also this year the Giro d’Italia delle Cure Pediatric Palliative (Gcpp) will start, now in its third edition. The title for 2024 is “Everyone at his own Node, together we are Network”, a series of traveling events organized by the Maruzza Foundation, the Informal Network of “Lovers of Pediatric Palliative Care” and the Associations and Bodies that choose to organize a stop on the their territory.

From 11 May to 16 June 2024, pediatric palliative care (CPP) will be the subject of events organized in squares and streets throughout Italy. These are recreational events, sporting initiatives and scientific conferences to build a correct and shared culture of CPP.

The Local Health Authority and the University Hospital of Ferrara also join the initiative.

The Ferrara event: “The tour within the tour”. The initiative – with free and open participation – will take place on Friday 17 May 2024, from 10am to 6pm, in Cento at a Gazebo in Corso del Guercino. The day includes the organization of an entertainment and information space supported by the volunteer associations of the Province of Ferrara and by the staff of the CPP network of the Cento stage of the 2024 Cycling Giro d’Italia. Information materials will be distributed during the stage of the Gcpp, on the pediatric palliative care network.

The event, organized by the Bimbilacqua, Giulia, Nati Prima and Vola nel Cuore Associations, sees the patronage of: Municipality of Ferrara, Municipality of Cento, Ferrara University Hospital, Ferrara Local Health Authority and Emilia-Romagna Region.

The neonatal intensive care unit and neonatal unit at Sant’Anna. “Pediatric palliative care – highlights Dr. Agostina Solinas, Director of the Department – also include perinatal palliative care: from 2019 to today my Service has followed several patients and families even from the prenatal period. In particular, 12 children with special needs were taken care of from birth and were also followed after discharge by the Neonatologists in the multidisciplinary clinic for children with special needs (contact person Dr. Elisa Ballardini). This clinic is networked with the territory and with the pediatric clinic, to which these patients are entrusted with increasing age for subsequent follow-up”.

The pediatric palliative care team between hospital and territory. At the Pediatric Clinic of the University Hospital Company of Ferrara, directed by Prof. Agnese Suppieja is active Pediatric Palliative Care Service which welcomes and coordinates multi-specialist and multi-professional hospital activities for children over the age of one who require hospital-level services (Dr. Vincenzo RamettaPalliative Pediatrician; Dr. Nicola CorazzariPsychologist; Dr. Nicoletta De LucaSpeech therapist and Dr. Daniela SaccomandiDietitian).

The hospital node operates in close collaboration with the Operational Units of Childhood Adolescent Neuropsychiatry (UONPIA), directed by Dr. Franca Emanuelli and of Territorial Palliative Care, directed by Dr. Loretta Gulmini, where a service dedicated to children is active, for which the company is responsible Dr. Sara BertelliPalliative Pediatrician (Dr. Ingrid Volpe, Nurse Case Manager). The territorial node supports the complex care activities connected to CPP in the places where the child lives, in collaboration with the family paediatricians. In the province of Ferrara, 46 children are currently being followed, 30 of which are in the area. The child who belongs to the provincial CPP network receives multidisciplinary management at a clinical, psychological, educational and social level in the home and hospital setting, based on the level of care needs and clinical complexity. Access, both at the local and hospital level, occurs via notification from the attending physician or regional and extra-regional reference centers to activate the local network where the child resides. The provincial node is networked for the most complex cases with the CPP Hub Center in Bologna.

Pediatric surgery at Sant’Anna in Ferrara guarantees consultancy and surgical interventions in close collaboration with hospital and local activities. This synergy favors adequate treatment and follow-up in all small patients with surgical problems, mainly of a nutritional nature. The role of department contact is entrusted to Dr. Alessandra Cazzuffi who carries out daily support tasks for patients with nutritional stomas, assisted by all the medical and nursing staff, in every phase of the post-operative hospital stay. The surgical activity of the department, directed by Dr. Claudio Vellais mainly minimally invasive (laparoscopy) guaranteeing small patients less pain and rapid postoperative recovery.

The Gcpp it is an awareness campaign that takes place throughout the national territory. The objective is to build a shared culture of pediatric palliative care by spreading correct information and trying to create greater awareness of this type of care. The initiative is aimed primarily at citizens, but also aims to be a stimulus for the institutions and the scientific community, so that CPP services are activated and implemented throughout the national territory, giving back to the minors involved (and their families) the right to be treated close to your place of residence.

Pediatric palliative care. When we talk about pediatric palliative care we are referring to that set of clinical, healthcare, psychological and spiritual interventions aimed at improving the quality of life of the minor with a diagnosis of incurability, with high care complexity, and of his family. WHO defines them as “the active global care of the child’s body, mind and spirit and which includes active support for the family”. This is a change in approach, which puts the needs of the child and his family at the center according to the biopsycho-social paradigm.

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