Agrigento narrowly beats Latina

Moncada Energy Agrigento – Benacquista Assicurazioni Latina 89-87 (18-16, 29-21, 19-20, 23-30)

Moncada Energy Agrigento: Lorenzo Ambrosin 26 (5/7, 3/4), Dwayne Cohill 14 (4/9, 2/2), Davide Meluzzi 13 (2/5, 3/8), Jacob Polakovich 10 (5/8 , 0/0), Alessandro Sperduto 10 (1/3, 2/4), Emanuele Caiazza 7 (1/3, 1/3), Nicolas Morici 6 (2/4, 0/1), Albano Chiarastella 3 (1 /2, 0/4), Mait Peterson 0 (0/0, 0/0), Sadio soumalia Traore 0 (0/0, 0/0)

Free throws: 14 / 18 – Rebounds: 29 7 + 22 (Jacob Polakovich 10) – Assists: 23 (Albano Chiarastella 9)

Benacquista Assicurazioni Latina: Demario Mayfield 28 (4/7, 5/9), Gabriele Romeo 18 (2/4, 2/4), Jacopo Borra 17 (7/8, 0/0), Samuele Moretti 13 (6/11 , 0/0), Ivan Alipiev 6 (3/5, 0/2), Felix Amo 4 (1/2, 0/4), Lorenzo Zangheri 1 (0/0, 0/0), Jacopo Rapetti 0 (0 /0, 0/1), Salvatore Parrillo 0 (0/0, 0/0), Borislav georgiev Mladenov 0 (0/0, 0/0), Alexander Cicchetti 0 (0/0, 0/0)

Free throws: 20 / 27 – Rebounds: 33 7 + 26 (Samuele Moretti 12) – Assists: 10 (Gabriele Romeo 4)

Latina shows a great reaction of pride in the difficult match played on the PalaMoncada parquet facing the hosts from Agrigento. The final result (89-87) does not reward the Nerazzurri who took to the field in a reduced formation, but who tried until the end to win the two points. Mayfield takes the lead with 28 points, followed by Romeo with 18 and 4 assists, Borra with 17 and 8 rebounds and Moretti with 13 and 12 rebounds.

The Next appointment and for Sunday 19 May at 6.00pm to the Palasport Cisterna di Latinawhere the Nerazzurri will receive the Luiss Rome on the occasion of the fifth day of the Salvation Phase.

First four points of the match scored by Samuele Moretti, to which Agrigento responds with a triple to make it 3-4 in the 1st minute. Moretti was again the protagonist for the dunk given to Cohill and for the assist provided to Alipiev to make it 3-6 in the 2nd minute. Agrigento replies again with 4 points in line to overtake the home team (7-6 in the 3rd minute). Romeo entered the scoresheet for the Nerazzurri’s counter-overtaking, but Fortitudo’s reaction was immediate to equalize at 9 in the 4th minute. The pace is high, Latina loses a few too many balls, but Mayfield’s triple allows the Pontini to get their head back (12-9 at 5′). Energy manages to regain the lead, but Borra, who came on in place of Mayfield, scores the basket to make it 13-14 in the 8th minute. Romeo scores two free throws that make it 13-16, but Meluzzi restores parity at 16. In the 9th minute Agrigento overtakes again (18-16). Latina fails to make the two free throws that would have re-established parity and the first period ends at 18-16.

At the start of the second quarter Agrigento increases the gap from the line (20-16). The locals continue to extend their lead, but it is Borra who moves the Pontini score (22-18 at 12′). Zangheri is fouled, but before he goes to the line, there is a time-out called by Coach Pilot. Upon returning to the parquet, Latina’s number 11 made just one free throw (22-19). In the 13th minute, Coach Sacco is penalized for a technical foul and Agrigento extends the lead to 23-19. Latina is unlucky in the shot and also runs out of bonus, Fortitudo takes advantage of it to try for 25-19 with 6:32″ to play. Borra hits the net again for Latina, but on the opposite side Zangheri commits his third foul and it’s another trip to the line for Agrigento (27-21 at 14′). The home team scores a triple of +9 (30-21) and the time-out requested by Coach Sacco arrives. When the game resumed, the inertia was still with the Sicilians who gained a double-digit lead (33-21 at 15′). Latina tries to react with Borra (33-23) Agrigento runs out of bonus and Romeo brings his team to -8 from the line (33-25). The locals seem to have found the right fluidity in attack and at 16′ they are ahead 37-25. Benacquista struggles in attack and recovers some points with Romeo from the line (37-27). Latina tries to stay in the wake of their opponents (40-31 at 17′) but Fortitudo responds blow for blow and with 2:07′ on the clock and the score at 42-31, there is a new time-out for the bench guest. Back on the pitch Amo scores two free throws, Agrigento responds from play (44-33). The match is broken up by various trips to the line (44-35 at 1:53″ from the siren). Romeo tries to respond in kind to the home team (47-37 with 37″ on the clock). Energy timeout. The game resumes, but the score remains unchanged and we go to the locker room at 47-37.

Upon returning from the long break, Agrigento was the first to score (49-37). Moretti responds for the new -10 (49-39). The minutes tick by, both teams make mistakes and little is scored (51-42 in the 23rd minute). The Sicilians try to maintain their double-digit lead, but Latina closes the gap with Alipiev and Mayfield (54-47 in the 24th minute). Coach Pilot time-out. We return to the pitch, Agrigento extends to 56-47, Latina closes to 56-48 with 4:47″ to play. Fortitudo scores 5 consecutive points (61-49 in the 26th minute) and with the Nerazzurri’s eleventh turnover, Coach Sacco comes to a time-out. We return to the pitch with the Nerazzurri trying to close part of the gap (61-55 in the 27th minute). Benacquista fights, but Agrigento manages to close the third quarter with a flash at 66-57.

At the start of the fourth quarter Mayfield scores the basket for 66-59, Borra scores the two free throws for 66-61 in the 31st minute. Agrigento reacts (70-61). The match gains liveliness, but the Sicilians are still in the lead (73-66 in the 32nd minute). With 7:01″ on the clock, Romeo is penalized for an attacking foul and the second technical foul for Coach Sacco, who has to leave the field. Coach Cavazzana takes the reins of the team. Agrigento scores the free throw to make it 74-66. Fortitudo manages to extend the lead again to +10, but Borra’s dunk assisted by Moretti seals the score at 76-68 with 6:10″ to play. Latina doesn’t give up (78-70n at 35′). With 4:22″ to play, the hosts exhaust the bonus, Borra scores just one free throw (78-71). Moretti scores the Nerazzurri -5 and at 78-73 with 3:51″ on the clock, there is a time-out called by Coach Pilot. We return to the parquet and Mayfield scores a triple to make it -2 (78-76). The tie arrives at 78 with 2:46″ left on the clock thanks to Borra’s basket assisted by Mayfield. There are 2:17″ left until the siren when Agrigento scores a triple to make it 81-78. Technical foul on Alipiev and Agrigento goes +4 (82-78). Moretti scores the -2 (82-80) Mayfield with 52″ on the clock hits the net from 6.75 for the lead for Benacquista (82-83). Coach Pilot time-out. The game resumes and with 25″ until the siren Agrigento scores a triple for 85-83. Time-out Coach Cavazzana. We return to the field, Latina loses the ball on the throw-in, Agrigento manages to hit the net with 14″ remaining (87-83). Time-out Coach Cavazzana. We return to the parquet and Mayfield scores the triple from Romeo’s throw to make it 87-86. The Nerazzurri rely on the systematic foul when there are 8 seconds left until the siren. Agrigento scores the two free throws (89-86) and in turn commits a foul. Amo makes the first free throw, misses the second, but the rebound, like the victory at 89-87, belongs to Agrigento.

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