May 14, Civitavecchia pays homage to the fallen

Civitavecchia does not forget. A series of initiatives took place yesterday to remember May 14, 1943, the day in which the city suffered a heavy bombing by the Anglo-American air force, which razed a good part of it to the ground, especially the one near the port, and which left over 400 civilian victims on the ground. Also for this 81st anniversary, in the presence of Mayor Ernesto Tedesco, a wreath was laid at the monument dedicated to the victims of the bombings, at the cemetery in Via Aurelia Nord. This was followed by the laying of a floral tribute at the War Memorial in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and finally the laying of a wreath on the plaque dedicated to the Fallen in Via Mazzini.

Finally, around 12, the ARCI Committee of Civitavecchia wanted to remember the tragic event with the restoration of the “Place of Memory” in via Trieste, which has now entered the consciousness of the citizens as a symbol of the terrible offense suffered by the city in the Second World War. Finally, last night in the “Arcus Eventi” room the documentary “14 May 1943-La Memoria Ritrovata” was screened, in which the testimonies of four Civitavecchia residents, children at the time, and many precious period films were collected .

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