Myriam Catania, the accident and Argentero’s dedication: “I’ll wait for you”

Myriam Catania, the accident and Argentero’s dedication: “I’ll wait for you”
Myriam Catania, the accident and Argentero’s dedication: “I’ll wait for you”

He spoke from the heart, at La Volta Buona. Despite the pains that have accompanied her in recent years, and the (immense) effort to get back on her feet. Myriam Cataniaa guest in Caterina Balivo’s living room, confessed like never before, between loves, disappointments, tears, and the mother’s in-office intervention. He revealed background on the history with Luca Argentero, who was with her at the time of serious accident by scooter. For him, a beloved actor, Myriam had only nice words. And now she has started again from one romantic story with a mysterious man French. Here are all the details below.

Myriam Catania, from accident to rebirth

Caterina Balivo, two armchairs, a confession. Today it was Myriam Catania, super guest, who told her story about her past Rai lounge of La Volta Buona. And certainly, the splendid Italian actress did not hold back. She started from most traumatic momentthat is, the one about the serious accident some time ago: “I was on my scooter, I was returning from singing lessons. I was filming ‘America’s Uncle’. I don’t remember exactly the dynamicsbut I woke up a month later.”

“I have been in a medically induced coma”continues Myriam, “then under very strong anaesthetics. I had all the bones of the face broken. I didn’t cut myself, that’s why I’m not disfigured, I just broke my bones. After a year, I was back to normal. That year was a gap year, I felt miraculous; therefore, I felt the beauty of staying alive after a tragedy, so I live it with positivity”. In short, a descent into hell with a return, that of the actress. She managed to get back on her feet, and quickly, also thanks to thefundamental help from his mother. “She is the woman of my life”, she says emotionally to Balivo, “she has never abandoned me, she is my angel, I feel like crying. In those days my mother didn’t get up from her chair”. And here’s the best surprise, in the moment of maximum tension.

The mother by Myriam Catania, Rossella Izzo, enters the studio to reach his daughter. Who obviously cries his eyes out. “I went into the emergency room and said: pretend he’s invisible”says Rossella, adding details to the story.

Love with Argentero and the new beginning

“The very beautiful thing happened at that time”, continued Myriam’s mother, “regard own Luca Argentero”. At the time of the serious accident he was engaged to the actress and “he waited 10 days in the hospital and then in the clinic… And when he was able to see her, she told him: “Wait for me?”. And he replied: for life”. A very tender phrase, from a film, which was greatly appreciated. “He was very dear, affectionate”, adds Izzo, “close in an incredible way to Myriam’s recovery. Love is a balm that helps you heal”.

But unfortunately, the love between Luca and Myriam it didn’t last forever. The good has remained, and God forbid. But the two took different paths. “Love never ends, love changes, it enters other circuits”, Myriam Catania’s mother wisely tells Bailiff. Now she has a new story, as she tells without problems at the end of the interview: “I like to complicate my life, first the Turin (Argentero, ed.), then the French. We were on holiday, it was love at first sighta disruptive love, we had a child after six months. He is a golden boy, he is much more like me than my ex-husband, then he’s coolI’m happy.” Nothing else to add.

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