Damiano Carrara, the winner’s outburst after Beijing Express

The 2024 edition of Beijing Express it ended very recently with the victory of Damiano Carrara together with his brother Maximilian who competed for the team of Pastry chefs. The well-known TV host expressed his thanks to the production on social media but then vented a response against those who harshly criticized him during his participation in the broadcast, hurting him.

Damiano Carrara responds to criticism after Beijing Express 2024

After the victory on Thursday 9 May Damiano Carrara thanked Sky Italia, Now TV and Banijay Italia for giving him the opportunity to live a wonderful experience within a program much loved by the public such as Beijing Express. She then took the opportunity to also thank the viewers who supported her and then freed herself from a burden when she wrote: “I have unfortunately read comments that, let me tell you, they hurt and saddened me because they went beyond the game and beyond the race. Certain words, certain terms weigh heavily, even on those close to us, like our family, who have suffered in a particular way.” Furthermore, the famous TV chef added: “From home sometimes we forget that, however wonderful, it is a TV programme, a game and a competition with charitable purposes in any case but above all that behind our phones there are people made of flesh, soul and heart.”

The Beijing Express award for pastry chefs

The prize money won by the pastry chef brothers was over 50 thousand euros which were then donated to charities operating in the area, as the host himself repeated several times. Beijing Express Costantino della Gherardesca, during the awards ceremony during the last episode of the program. Damiano Carrara he continued his long outburst by telling how neither he nor his brother have ever disrespected the people (from Vietnam, Laos and Sri Lanka) who hosted them and with whom they still have a wonderful relationship.

At the end of his long post, the well-known TV pastry chef declared again that he had experienced beautiful and unrepeatable moments during the Sky broadcast. He then underlined how his outburst and his words can serve to raise everyone’s awareness of the aggression experienced on social media and on the web in general. Damiano Carrara he then concluded by thanking his wife Chiara Maggenti for always supporting and supporting him and his brother Maximilian which he defined “the best travel companion ever”.

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