“Ready to give our lives. We cannot retreat”

In view of the first leg of the Serie B play-outs between Bari and Ternana, Raffaele Maiello, one of the red and white veterans, spoke at the press conference to present tomorrow evening’s match.

“It’s nice to be back on the pitch – he said regarding the praise he received after his performance against Brescia -. The first time as a starter (after the injury) went badly against Cremonese (he scored an unfortunate own goal), luckily with Brescia went well and we achieved a result that allows us to play these two very important matches.”

Football-wise, Bari found themselves one step away from Heaven and now avoiding the flames of Hell: “It has a strange effect. Last year we were fighting for promotion to Serie A, this year the opposite. These matches have the same importance, if not more. We are ready, we are preparing to face these two matches in a great way.”

Asked about the characteristics that will be needed to win: “Desire, determination and not leaving anything to chance. We know the importance of the match, even if it is the first match. Attention will be fundamental, we cannot make a mistake in the approach”.

With Maita, Di Cesare, Pucino, Maiello is among the veterans from C: “We who are here from C have seen many beautiful moments, the promotion from C to B, last year’s championship with the play-off final. We are the first ones disappointed, we know the importance of the Bari square which has nothing to do with this category. We feel the responsibility, we, like the whole team, cannot and do not want to be relegated. The team will be ready, we will give it our all.”

Heavily affected by the broken cruciate, Maiello’s season was not lucky: “For me it was a bad season. Suffering a similar injury is not nice. Even if after 3 and a half months I managed to do the first part of the race, when you come back, you’re not well. The crusader needs his time, initially you don’t feel ready, then it got better and better. The biggest disappointment is that I was able to give little to my teammates, but there are still these two games.”

In the two matches against Ternana it will be necessary to score one more goal than the opponent to save ourselves: “We have to win one of the two to save ourselves. There are two matches, let’s think about tomorrow’s one, we will give our lives to get a good result. We know that It will be very tough, there will be another team that will want to save themselves. I spent a year there and the atmosphere is enthusiastic and passionate.

The recovery after the injury was not easy: “We’ll find out tomorrow if I can give continuity to my performance against Brescia. Coming back after a long stop is difficult, I also hurt my muscles but I did everything I could to get back soon. I’m keen. so much to give my contribution, from the beginning, with the match underway, only Bari counts. The benches with Iachini Could it have been a technical choice, we are here to accept them. I’m the first to say that I wasn’t well yet and I needed it time to get into full swing.”

The double play experiment seems to have worked and there is an excellent chance that it will be repeated again tomorrow evening: “I got on well with Benali in the match against Brescia. These are the coach’s choices, we are always available. There is no problem playing two or three, these are things I’ve already done in the past.”

Tomorrow’s match could bring over 30 thousand spectators to the stadium: “The fans leave us speechless. Facing a play-out with all the people expected for tomorrow is “a lot of stuff”. In this category you see few matches like this. I and my teammates will do our best to remain in this category, an objective that may seem small but which is very important at this moment. We are happy to have them by our side, their contribution has never been lacking. What advice do we give to the younger ones? We try to pass on some experience to them, but they are guys who want to do well.”

On what should be avoided in these two very delicate matches: “In the last few games we always started at a handicap. It becomes tough when you have to chase, it’s never easy. There must be an important approach, saving yourself is the great objective today. The approach will be decisive There are no other possibilities, in the championship there are other games if you make a mistake, we have two, then we have to be ready for anything, the games are made up of many moments, we need to get together.”

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