European Night of Museums –

Also in Piacenza on Saturday 18 May the European Night of Museums. Since 2005 it has simultaneously involved museums throughout Europe with the aim of promoting European cultural identity in all the countries of the Union, it constitutes a moment of celebration and openness, in which museums offer an extraordinary evening opening to symbolic cost of 1 euro. The councilor for Culture Christian Fiazza, the director of the Civic Museums Antonio Iommelli, the director of the Ricci Oddi Gallery Lucia Pini, the vice president of the Piacenza and Vigevano Foundation Mario Magnelli spoke to illustrate the initiatives scheduled at the press conference at Palazzo Farnese. , for Ecclesiastical Cultural Associations of the Diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio Manuel Ferrari and the vice-president of CoolTour Valentina Rimondi. DOWNLOAD THE POSTER WITH THE EVENTS (pdf)

Civic Museums of Palazzo Farnese
Magical treasure chest of stories
Inside the evocative “sacred forest” reconstructed in the Roman section of the museums, archaeologists will stage an ancient fairy tale with the help of puppets. In the subsequent workshop phase, the children will create a theater starting from a box to which they will add backdrops and “puppets” made themselves. Participants will bring with them a magical treasure chest of stories to bring to life!

Age range: 4 to 10 years
1st shift from 8.15pm to 9.45pm
2nd shift from 10pm to 11.30pm
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Kamishibai at the museum!
The Museum is a magical and special place, at the service of the community, where our cultural heritage is preserved: but it is also a place where you can learn while having fun surrounded by beautiful works of art capable of making us feel many different emotions… On the European night dedicated to Museums, we will read “The art of friendship” with the kamishibai, the ancient Japanese theater used by storytellers, a story that will transport us to the world of art and friendship, teaching us that we must not go always agree to be friends. We will discover, thanks to the protagonists Penelope and Rolando, that what you feel in front of a painting is very personal! Art and literature, images and words will merge through the unique experience of kamishibai… In the laboratory each participant will have to graphically rework the table of the story that most struck him.

Age range and times:
1st shift from 8.15pm to 9.45pm from 3 to 6 years old, with 1 companion
2nd shift from 10pm to 11.30pm from 7 to 10 years old, without companions
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Who’s on stage?
In the rooms of the Art Gallery, following a journey through the iconography of some biblical characters and some portraits of historical figures, emphasis is placed on the meaning of how the author chooses to represent his subjects (clothes, make-up, symbolic objects, tinsel). Visitors will discover how clothes and pictorial representation were often a sort of mask that responded to spiritual or social needs as well as in the theater which, in various eras, transformed its practices to represent an evolving reality. The rooms of the art gallery are thus transformed into dressing rooms where the actors are preparing to go on stage.

For the whole family
1st shift from 8.15pm to 9.45pm
2nd shift from 10pm to 11.30pm
Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Guided tours
– Archaeological Museum – from 8.30pm to 9.30pm
– Carriage Museum – from 8.30pm to 9.15pm
– Art gallery – from 9.30pm to 10.15pm
– Archaeological Museum – from 9.45pm to 10.45pm
– Civic section – from 10.30pm to 11.00pm

Symbolic ticket of 1 euro with which to freely visit the museums and participate in educational activities and guided tours. Reservations for activities will be taken during the evening.


Civic Museum of Natural History
The jewels of the museum
6 stations with 6 naturalistic collections representing the great biodiversity of life on Earth: shells, insects, fossils, herbariums, birds and minerals. The visitor will be accompanied on the journey by expert naturalists. Symbolic ticket of 1 euro with which to freely visit the Museum and participate in educational activities and guided tours. Reservation is recommended.

ALBERONI GALLERY – A long night between history, art, music and stars Saturday 18 May from 6.30pm to 11.30pm
Free entry to all events

It will be a night full of events that will be held at the Alberoni Gallery next Saturday 18 May on the occasion of the annual appointment with the European Night of Museums. In fact, a program of art, history, music and astronomy awaits visitors, with the possibility of a bicycle ride, from the former Church of the Teresianas to the Alberoni College, for an interesting dialogue between ancient and contemporary. The Night of the Museums 2024 at the Alberoni Gallery is promoted by Opera Pia Alberoni in collaboration with the Piccolo Museo della Poesia – Chiesa San Cristoforo, Diocese of Piacenza-Bobbio, Gruppo Amateur Astronomers Piacenza, Academy of Music of Piacenza, Associazione Velòlento, Italian Biennial of Poetry between the arts. Participation in all scheduled events is free, subject to availability. Entrance to all events is from the Alberoni Gallery (Via Emilia Parmense 67).

Below is the detailed program of appointments
In the silence of the evening – Guided tours of the Silenzio exhibition. The enigma of the verse.
Christ from behind by Omar Galliani in dialogue with Ecce Homo by Antonello da Messina With poetic readings by Massimo Silvotti, director of the Piccolo Museo della Poesia. Departures: 6.30pm-7.30pm – 9.30pm (duration: 1 hour)
Free participation without reservation until all available places are available

It begins with three guided visits to the evocative exhibition, underway at the College and at the Alberoni Gallery, which sees Christ from behind, created by Omar Galliani exhibited in silent dialogue with the Ecce Homo by Antonello da Messina. Christ from behind is an enigmatic subject completely new in the history of art, created by the artist specifically for the Piacenza exhibition: a mysterious posture that questions contemporary man. The guided tour, lasting one hour, will be repeated three times (6.30pm-7.30pm-9.30pm) and will accompany visitors, through the Cardinal’s Apartment, in front of the works of Antonello da Messina and Omar Galliani, and then continue to discover the selection of works by the master of drawing, exhibited in the Gallery and all dedicated to the theme of the Passion of Christ. The guided tours will be animated by poetic readings by Massimo Silvotti, director of the Piccolo Museo della Poesia and co-curator of the exhibition, readings which will be performed in the evocative Chapel of the Missionaries, adjacent to the Cardinal’s Apartment, recently illuminated by Davide Groppi and equipped with multimedia equipment. In it, visitors will also be able to see a short and intense video dedicated to the Ecce Homo painted by Antonello da Messina.

Alberoni Gallery, Tapestry Room, 10.30 pm Notes of stars
Between music and astronomy: concert by Antonio De Vanna, piano: Colors and shapes of the cosmos
Projection and presentation of astronomical photographs by Danilo Caldini, president of the Piacenza Amateur Astronomers Group. Free and free entry

At 10.30pm, in the evocative setting of the Sala degli Arazzi, Note di stelle, an interesting dialogue between music and astronomy, takes place. It is an original format, between science and art, which intends to combine the emotions inspired by the celestial vault and expressed in music by great composers, with the emotions deriving from research, from the knowledge acquired and from the still open questions relating to the cosmos, which science continues to investigate. The pianist Antonio De Vanna and the engineer Danilo Caldini will take to the stage of the Sala degli Arazzi. Antonio De Vanna will perform pieces for solo piano, in a journey between nocturnes and famous compositions dedicated to the stars. On the program is the famous “Moonlight” Sonata by L. van Beethoven, whose title was attributed to the music critic Ludwig Rellstab. In the first movement he would have captured the perception of the reflections of a full moon, probably during a stay of the Maestro near Lake Lucerne. Followed by the Nocturne Op. 62 no. 1 by Frédéric Chopin, characterized by a dreamy atmosphere that evokes a suggestive contrast between light and shadow, the dominant essence of the night. The conclusion is entrusted to the performance of the brilliant Fourth Sonata by Alexander Scriabin, fascinated by the vision of the lively light of a star, to which he paid homage with an autograph poem, as a literary manifesto of the composition. The culmination of the musical intervention arrives in the twentieth century, resulting in a jazz standard, Blue Moon by Richard Rodgers, dedicated to the Moon, a fixed celestial body but precious confidant of the inner human world. A timeless dialogue sealed by the fascinating intertwining of a singing voice and the most “lunar” piano timbre. Danilo Caldini, president of the Piacenza Amateur Astronomers Group, will screen and comment on some of the most evocative astronomical photographs taken by the experts of the Piacenza group, who have thus tried to investigate the cosmos among mysterious shapes and colours. The public will thus be able to learn about the Seagull Nebula, the Trifid Nebula and the Andromeda Galaxy, among others.

By bicycle, between ancient and contemporary – From the former Teresiana Church to the Alberoni Gallery
7.00 pm: Meeting at the former Teresiana Church and visit to the exhibition
Christian Zucconi, Waiting for the dark
8.00 pm: bicycle transfer to the Alberoni Gallery
8.30 pm: guided tour of the Silenzio exhibition. The enigma of the verse. Omar Galliani’s Christ from behind in dialogue with Antonello da Messina’s Ecce Homo
Free participation without reservation until all available places are available

For lovers of art, history and for those who love crossing the city by bicycle, the Museum Night offers an original appointment between art and history. In fact, there are two exhibitions underway in Piacenza which propose an interesting dialogue between ancient and contemporary: Waiting for the Dark with the most recent sculptures by the artist Christian Zucconi set up in the former Church of the Teresane and the works of Omar Galliani in dialogue with Antonello from Messina to the Alberoni Gallery. Thanks to the collaboration between Opera Pia Alberoni, the Diocese of Piacenza Bobbio and the Velòlento Association, on the occasion of the 2024 Museum Night it will be possible to visit the two exhibitions jointly, and by bicycle. Velòlento is an association for the recovery, restoration and recycling of vintage, old and disused bicycles committed to promoting the bicycle as a means of city transport and promoting sustainable mobility. The meeting point is at 7pm, equipped with bicycles, at the former Teresian Church for a visit to the Christian Zucconi exhibition, led by the artist himself. At 8pm, accompanied by the Velòlento Association, we will move by bicycle to the Alberoni Gallery. (Check that the bicycles are equipped with lights) At 8.30 pm, the guided tour of the Omar Galliani exhibition.

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