did not pay for the America’s Cup areas

The Municipality of Naples has received a payment order from the Port Authority for a value of 53,000 euros plus default interest. These are omitted payments of various state-owned areas, from the cliff for the maintenance of the La Pietra lifting plant, to the bodies of water in which the underwater pipelines of the collectors run in the sea in front of Piazza della Repubblica, in that of Coroglio, Nisida , Clear sea.

The document detects missed payments starting from 2007 and up to 2019, all concerning administrations that preceded the current one. However, it was necessary for the Manfredi council to take action to pay off the old debts left by the Iervolino and De Magistris managements.
Among the debts accumulated by the Municipality of Naples, two details stand out, which describe the issue perfectly. the first concerns the use of the beach where the Municipality sets up the Lido Comunale in Bagnoli: the 4,300 euros due for the year 2019 are missing.
The second has a negligible value, it is only 362 euros and 89 cents, the sum that Palazzo San Giacomo had undertaken to pay to the Port Authority for “The temporary use of state-owned maritime areas and water bodies for technical activities related to America’s Cup sailing events” in 2013.

Last week, with a sprint, the money was recovered and the payment procedure was started to the Port Authority which, with an act of kindness, decided to waive the legal interest accrued on the sums. The debt has been paid, the shame of the past administrations who produced the payment order, but it cannot be canceled

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