Florence, Sinistra Progetto Comune asks for the work on the Mattonaia farm to be stopped

Sinistra Comune Project leads into the electoral campaign the age-old theme «podere La Mattonaia». From November 2022 the green area – private – has become a worksite for the creation of a parking for 77 cars. The matter has been going on since 2007, with a dispute between the owner of the space and several hundred condominium owners between via di Ripoli, via Caponsacchi and via Accolti.

A “battle” between appeals to the TAR and the Council of State, quibbles, permissions granted and then revoked. In the end, however, Palazzo Vecchio had to give the green light to the bulldozers, recognizing the legitimacy of the authorizations. But with some requirements.

What does it mean? At the completion of works – expected in November of this year – the ownership of the area will have to prove that he left when entering and exiting the car park at least 90 centimeters of behavior for the pedestrian crossing. If not, he will have to restore the garden. An aspect defined as “ridiculous” from Antonella Bundu, Dmitrij Palagi, Giovanna Sesti and Lorenzo Fantoni of Spc: «How do you put the greenery back after having cemented the entire farm?».

It’s the same candidate for mayor Palagi to take stock during a press conference organized in Gavinana: «The project had to be blocked. There was a lack of political will: the Municipality did not want to take on any responsibility, leaving everything in the hands of the technical offices.” According to Palagi, the issue went definitively silent after the dismissal from the council of Cecilia Del Re, then councilor for urban planning: «Del Re hoped that the works would not start due to the expiry of the permits, and then blocked the project with the new operational plan. She didn’t succeed and after her the mayor Nardella, who took over her position, never carried out the duties of a councillor.”

The city councilor Antonella Bundu come back to ask for an immediate stop the work and issues a warning for the future: «Let the La Mattonaia farm be an example. From now on the requirements must be satisfied before being able to move forward with the works, similar to how the superintendency operates, and not when the construction sites are finished.”

The candidate for the city council Giovanna Sesti and the candidate at Q3 Lorenzo Fantoni report some data and considerations: «The administration, first of all, is to blame not only because it did not put a real denial on the work, but also because it did not move to impose at least a reduction of the intervention, confirming the 77 parking spaces in an area of ​​modest size.” Sesti and Fantoni also criticize landscape authorization to the works: «There was a constraint, but in June 2019 the ownership had a favorable opinion, without however this being accompanied by a motivation or an evaluation of the extent of the intervention on a building of particular historical interest present in the farm”.

Even on construction aspects there are doubts, for Spc: «At the access to the car park in via di Ripoli 55 there are four very low windows. Certainly not 180 centimeters from the floor level as the regulation would require: there will be no more privacy for the condominiums who, furthermore, by opening the windows, will risk hitting pedestrians entering or leaving the car park.”

The last element of dispute concerns the width of the entrances on via di Ripoli and via Caponsacchi. According to a police report dating back to November 2022, Spc reports, it would be 2.63 meters to enter the car park on Caponsacchi and 2.78 meters to exit on Ripoli. «Taking into account the standard dimensions of cars and the obligation to include the 90 centimeters reserved for pedestrians, these dimensions can be considered limited for the simultaneous passage of people, vehicles, animals and even emergency vehicles».

Finally, a concern for the crossing of people with disabilities: «We would need widenings of 150 centimeters every 10 meters to allow those in wheelchairs to turn around».

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