“Logistics priority for the development of Civitavecchia” • Terzo Binario News

“Logistics priority for the development of Civitavecchia” • Terzo Binario News
“Logistics priority for the development of Civitavecchia” • Terzo Binario News

Wednesday, May 15, 2024 |

“As Unindustria Civitavecchia we have worked a lot in recent years on the topic of training, especially for its implications with respect to the energy phase out, in which we are protagonists.

With great pleasure, we delve into the topic of logistics, thanks to the report presented by Intempo and Randstad Research”.

He said it Cristiano DionisiPresident of Unindustria Civitavecchia, during the meeting “Logistics development in Civitavecchia as an opportunity for the territory”, which took place this morning at the headquarters of the Port Authority.

“Logistics is among the sectors, together with new energies, the blue economy and the circular economy, which have been identified as priority axes for a new development in Civitavecchia within the Single Document that we presented in the Roundtable for the management of phase out of the Enel power plant, located at Mimit. At the last meeting, which was held on March 11th, a series of meetings and discussions with all stakeholders began to evaluate shared initiatives and solutions. It is a working method that we certainly appreciate and which can lead to concrete results.”

“The objective of all of us is to guarantee maximum economic and social sustainability of the industrial and logistics reconversion project, within the framework of decarbonisation and energy transition. To achieve the result we need tools that can help us best express our potential. I am thinking, for example, of the activation of the Simplified Logistics Zone (ZLS) which, as we know, has suffered a setback in recent years and on which we have presented our proposals to the institutions to ensure that we can start again. And I am also thinking of Civitavecchia’s involvement in the Single Regional Consortium, which would represent another important key to development for logistics in our territory”.

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