Scooter among the gardens of Mezzaluna Park. 7 DASPO in Cerignola

Cerignola. The result of the operation conducted on Saturday morning by the Local Police of Cerignola, led by commander Michele Dalessandro, to guarantee safety within the Mezzaluna Park is 7 urban daspos.

The intervention was motivated by the numerous reports from citizens, worried about the raids of scooter riders on the pavements and among the flowerbeds which jeopardized the safety of families and children.

The operation, carried out with discretion and professionalism, saw the use of 3 unmarked cars with plainclothes personnel, 2 motorcyclist officers and a support car.

The reasons for the 7 urban daspos were different: 2 complaints for driving without helmets with as many seizures of the vehicles; 4 violations for circulation in a pedestrian area; 1 report to the judicial authority for possession of narcotic substances.

“Saturday’s operation is a strong signal of our attention to the safety of citizens, especially the little ones”, declares Security Councilor Teresa Cicolella. “It is essential to constantly monitor our urban parks, places of aggregation and leisure and not of dangerous raids and drug dealing. I thank the Local Police for their commitment to serving the community and respecting the rules that regulate orderly coexistence”.

Mayor Francesco Bonito applauds the action carried out by the Local Police: “I express my deep appreciation for Saturday’s operation, which once again demonstrates the dedication and efficiency of our officers. I will send an official letter of commendation to Commander Dalessandro and to all the operators who participated in the check. The safety of citizens is an absolute priority for the Administration and we will continue to work to obtain a livable city, suitable for children and families”


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