Serie C, Tumminello and Gomez overturn Monopoly: Crotone arithmetically in the playoffs

Serie C, Tumminello and Gomez overturn Monopoly: Crotone arithmetically in the playoffs
Serie C, Tumminello and Gomez overturn Monopoly: Crotone arithmetically in the playoffs

The usual suspects on target to certify participation in the play-offs. Tumminello and Gomez, again, the protagonists of the turnaround that erases a disturbing first half in a crackling second half, transforming the abyss into the brightest reality of the playoffs. Three goals in the space of fifteen monumental minutes, the decisive ones to resolve a match that had taken a dangerous turn but which in the end, somehow, Crotone managed to resolve by clinging to the extraordinary scoring ability of their tandem, which reached 30 goals in the championship, achievements equally distributed. What was needed to break the internal spell that had lasted since January 7th and get the three points needed to certify the continuation of the championship. The last day will be used to verify the placement, and now the rossoblù could aim for that 7th place now occupied by Giugliano to play the single round at the Scida. For now, eighth place would ‘impose’ the external challenge in Campania. But 90 minutes remain for the verdicts, all to be enjoyed also for the following positions, yet to be confirmed.

For this occasion, Zauli relies on the 3-5-2 which last autumn started the run-up which was then stopped in mid-January. The attacking duo of Gomez and Tumminello, 27 goals between them, recomposes, and is supported from behind by D’Errico and D’Ursi supported by Vinicius, while Tribuzzi and Giron operate on the sides. The defensive trio in front of D’Alterio is instead made up of Leo, Gigliotti and Loiacono. Crotone’s approach is encouraging and when the needle has completed the fifth round the chance arrives that could uncork the match, but Gomez’s angled header hits the post, pardoning Monopoli. But it’s a flash in the pan because six minutes later the balance is broken but it’s the Apulians who freeze Scida by sinking the blow with a semi-inverted kick from De Risio who finds time and space in the rossoblù area to coordinate and beat D’Alterio, immediately forcing Crotone to chase. The goal immediately narcotizes the good intentions of the rossoblù, who struggle without sufficient clarity and lightness, favoring the strategy of a Monopoli which instead appears more confident and also risks running away shortly after the half hour mark when the former Borello player lets off a shot from the edge a shot that hits the post, saving D’Alterio and the rossoblù from another tumble. But the escaped danger does not shake Zauli’s troops, who remain contracted and blocked, struggling tremendously to find the coordinates to raise the level of intensity and play such as to create adequate conditions to re-emerge from the abyss. The plot remains identical until the final whistle which sends the teams to the locker rooms, archiving one of the worst first half in recent history, and it wasn’t easy given the recent past…

The second half does not radically change a script that sees Crotone always floundering, incapable of a change of pace even in the face of evidence bordering on the tragic (sporting speaking, of course). The forcing, breathless and improvised, comes on in spurts and without the clarity that would be welcome and necessary. Instead, Crotone continues with a pace that is too phlegmatic for those who should unleash all their ferocity on the pitch to rebel against a penalizing verdict.

Out of nowhere, however, at the exact halfway point of the half comes Tumminello’s blaze who heads over Giron’s cross and corners behind the Apulian goalkeeper, bringing the match back to a draw. A feat that shuffles the cards and transfigures Crotone who two minutes later turns the game around with the usual Tumminello, still the most ferocious and voracious of all, catapulting himself onto the cross, this time from the right, operated by Tribuzzi who catches the attacker for the goal of overtaking. The number 93 scored 15 goals, shining again in the most important moment of the season. This time it is Monopoli who are stunned by a sudden comeback, while Crotone pushes on the accelerator thanks to newfound motivation and energy. The transformation of the rossoblù is total and in a poisonous and penetrating restart also comes the trio created by the Tribuzzi-Gomez duo with the former orchestrating the break and serving the attacker who crosses the right foot finding the long corner sealing the 3-1 which is worth also for him the 15th goal of the season, and above all a guarantee for Crotone’s success which means arithmetic participation in the playoffs.


MARKERS: 11’st De Risio (M), 22’st and 24’st Tumminello (C), 35’st Gomez (C)

CROTONE: D’Alterio; Leo (33’st Rispoli), Gigliotti, Loiacono; Tribuzzi, D’Errico (20’st Felippe), Vinicius, D’Ursi (20’st Kostadinov), Giron; Tumminello (33’st D’Angelo), Gomez (41’st Comi). Available : Dini, Martino, Bove, Papini, Crialese, Cantisani. All. Zauli

MONOPOLIES: Dalmasso; Ferrini (28’st Berman), Bizzotto, Angileri (41’st Peschetola); Viteritti, Borello, De Risio (38’st Ardizzone), Iaccarino (38’st Buoevardi), Barlocco; Tommasini (28’st De Paoli), Sosa. Available : Vitale S., Fornasier, Cristallo, Simone, Hamlili, Arioli, Vitale M. .

Referee: Constance of Agrigento
Warned: Vinicius (C), De Risio (M), Sosa (M), Giron (C), Ferrini (M), Tumminello (C)
Spectators: 4,054


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