“Frost on vineyards in the Bari area”

With the drop in temperatures, there is a frost alarm in the countryside, where the frost is hitting the vineyards from Bari to Foggia, with the temperature shock risking causing serious damage to fruit trees, primarily cherries, apricots and peaches, but also to vegetables on the pitch, after a start to 2024 that ranked as the hottest ever. This was stated by Coldiretti Puglia, hurt by the grip of the sudden cold that is gripping Puglia and the frosts that have already hit the vineyards in Gioia del Colle in the province of Bari and in Capitanata, with the mercury plummeting, thunderstorms, snowfall and yellow alerts in some regions.

Farmers, where possible – reports a note – are therefore trying to take cover by placing protective tarpaulins on orchards and fields, also to avoid possible hailstorms, often linked to the sudden change in temperature, with an often very costly economic investment. Hail and frosts – underlines Coldiretti Puglia – are adverse climatic events much feared by agriculture in this seasonal phase due to the irreversible damage they cause to crops in the field.

We are faced with the obvious consequences of climate change where the exceptional nature of atmospheric events is now the norm, with a tendency towards tropicalization which – Coldiretti Puglia insists – manifests itself with a higher frequency of violent demonstrations, seasonal phase shifts, short and intense rainfall and the rapid transition from sunshine to bad weather, with significant temperature changes that compromise crops in the fields with losses in national agricultural production and damage to structures and infrastructure in the countryside.


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