Cremona Sera – Juvi loses (badly) against Piacenza at the PalaRadi 75-93. Now the play offs with Udine

Cremona Sera – Juvi loses (badly) against Piacenza at the PalaRadi 75-93. Now the play offs with Udine
Cremona Sera – Juvi loses (badly) against Piacenza at the PalaRadi 75-93. Now the play offs with Udine

Ju.Vi’s scheduled phase ends with a bad home defeat. Ferraroni Cremona who in front of the friendly public lost to PalaRadi in the Po derby against Assigeco Piacenza who deservedly won with the final score of 75 to 93 and finished in 6th place in the Green group and will face the Old Wild in the 1st round of the playoffs West Udine 3rd place in the Red group. For this match coach Bechi has to give up Benetti and Shahid and deploys the starting five made up of Cotton, Sabatino, Costi, Vincini and Tortù; while on the other side coach Salieri shows up without the injured Miller and Filoni and responds with Gallo, the former player Veronesi, Skeens, Bonacini and Serpilli. The match, after the initial 4-0 in favor of the Gigliati, sees a first mini-stretch for the guest who places a partial score of 0-9 and goes ahead 4-9 in the 3rd minute with an incoming basket by Veronesi, which forces coach Bechi at time out. When the game restarted the guests still maintained a lead of 5-6 points, then in the final a triple from Tortù brought Ferraroni back to -1, but on the reversal in front Serpilli scored a triple from the corner to make it 22 to 26 in the 10th minute. In the 2nd half another handicap start for Ferraroni who in the 14th minute found herself down by 10 points and shortly after by 13 at 28 to 41 and with Costi already burdened with 3 fouls. At this point the guests let go slightly and Ferraroni led by Vincini and Tortù recover point by point and thanks to a basket by Cotton they go into halftime with only 5 points to recover on the score of 43 to 48. Upon returning from the locker rooms Tortù from the arc he brings Ferraroni back to -2, but shortly after the Piacenza players, thanks to a technical foul due to protests against the bench, Juvina takes off again and reaches a 14-point lead at 53 to 67, while the 3rd period ends on the score 56 to 68 thanks to a free throw of 2 made by Tortù. In the last 10′ Ferraroni tries to get back into the game, but Piacenza extends their lead again and with a triple from Serpilli they move to +17 in the 33rd minute, putting a serious threat on the final victory; at this point Ferraroni begins to hasten their conclusions and in the final seconds the guests come close to reaching a 20 point lead against a listless Ju.Vi. Ferraroni.

Now a week’s break, then the playoffs for promotion to Serie A will begin and as mentioned the Gigliati’s opponent will be Udine, who finished their qualifying group in 3rd place. The best of 5 matches will be played, with the first two matches in Friuli taking place on 4 and 6 May, then match 3 at PalaRadi on 9 May, with a possible match 4 again at PalaRadi on 11 May and with the possible match 5 on May 14th at the PalaCarnera in Udine.


PARTIALS: 22-26, 43-48, 56-68

JU.VI. FERRARONI CREMONA: Benetti ne, Cotton 11, Sabatino 15, Biaggini ne, Virginio 7, Shahid ne, Boni ne, Costi 6, Vincini 16, Tortù 20, Timperi, Grassi. All.: Bechi.

Nobody out for 5 fouls, technical foul on the bench 25′ (51-55).

ASSIGECO PIACENZA: Gallo 8, Manzo, D’Almeida 2, Veronesi 26, Querci 5, Skeens 15, Bonacini 6, Serpilli 26, Sabatini 7, Filoni ne All.: Salieri.

No one out for 5 fouls.

REFEREES: Salustri from Rome, Martellosio from Milan and Maschietto from Treviso.


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