Mayor Conte’s request to Minister Salvini

Mayor Conte’s request to Minister Salvini
Mayor Conte’s request to Minister Salvini

TREVISO – A law that makes…

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TREVISO – A law that makes all Italian speed cameras “approved”, thus protecting fines issued for speeding from appeals that could cancel them. This is what Mario Conte, mayor of Treviso and president of Anci Veneto, will ask the Ministry of Infrastructure in a highly anticipated video conference on Tuesday. And the Government’s intervention will have to be an urgent one, done very quickly. Italian municipalities are in fact frightened by the prospect that fines issued with speed cameras will all be canceled because the machines used to detect car speed have never been “approved”. What makes this scenario possible and concrete, which would mean crippling municipal budgets by taking away fundamental revenue to cover almost all of the expenses for road maintenance, is a ruling from the Court of Cassation which annulled the fine received by a Treviso while he was speeding at 97 kilometers per hour on the ring road, thus breaking the 90 limit. A pebble that risks turning into an avalanche. In Veneto the municipalities collect around 50 million euros every year from speeding fines issued by speed cameras, the municipality of Treviso alone more or less six. Removing them would open a significant hole in the accounts.


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