Monza scores another feat, beating Perugia in a comeback

For this second match of the Scudetto Finals there are no changes to the sextet of the previous match, with Eccheli fielding Kreling as setter and Loeppky as opposite, Maar and Takahashi spikers, Galassi and Di Martino in the center and Gaggini libero. 6+ one base for Perugia.
After a first set of clear Brianza style, the Block Devils react with Leon on the pitch. The Juventus number 9 leads the charge in attack and Perugia picks up the pace, prevails in the sprint in the second set with Flavio’s block (23-25) and escapes in the third (21-25). However, there is a lack of continuity in the Juventus game, while Monza does not get upset and continues to weave its quality game in the break phase and in attacking shots. At the tie break the hosts try to escape (8-5), Leon with attacks and an ace equalizes (9-9), but Perugia stops there. A couple of errors in attack send Monza finishing 15-11 with Takahashi.
The numbers of the match speak of balance in practically all fundamentals with the exception of the service where Monza finds a lot of quality (in addition to 7 aces) and where instead Perugia is fouled and not very incisive (21 errors and 4 aces, 2 each for Leon and Russian).
In the Juventus half of the court, Leon, on the court since the middle of the first set, scores 24 with 76% in attack. 20 winning balls from Ben Tara with 58% at the net, double figures also for Semeniuk (10). In the Brianza ranks, Maar was irrepressible (28 points with 68% and 4 blocks), Takahashi and Loeppky in double figures (14 and 13 respectively).
Monza advantage with Takahashi and Galassi’s block (3-1). Out Plotnytskyi (4-1). Ace by Russo then Loeppky out (4-4). Perugia advantage with Semeniuk (6-7). Block by Giannelli (9-11). Maar also blocks and equalizes (11-11). Three more for the hosts again with Maar as protagonist (14-11). In Leon for Plotnytskyi. Semeniuk’s pipe out (17-13). Maar still scores (20-15). Two by Ben Tara (20-17). Ace by Loeppky (23-18). Maar takes Monza to set point (24-18). On the third attempt, Maar again sends the teams to the change of ends (25-20).
Plotnytskyi and Leon are the hammers starting the second. 4-4 after Ben Tara’s point. The balance remains with Leon’s attack (7-7). Smash by Plotnytskyi then ace by Leon (9-11). Ace by Cachopa (11-11). Super Juventus point then ace by Russo and counterattack by Plotnytskyi (11-15). At 13-16 Semeniuk in for Plotnytskyi. Leon counterattacks (14-19). Ben Tara out then ace by Maar (17-19). Ace also from Galassi, Monza at -1 (19-20). Leon turns Perugia around (19-21). Maar equalizes at 22. Ben Tara finds the hands of the block, set point Perugia (23-24). Block by Flavio, Juventus draw (23-25).
Maximum balance in the third (4-4). Flavio out (5-4). Takahashi is also out then a block by Ben Tara and a counterattack by Semeniuk (5-8). Russo maintains the gap (8-11). Leon, then Semeniuk and Russo (9-14). Block by Maar then ace by Loeppky (13-15). Semeniuk with a touch of class turns Perugia around (13-16). Out Loeppky (13-17). Maar halves (15-17). Miracle in reception by Colaci with Leon scoring (16-19). Smash by Russo (16-20). Wall by Giannelli (18-23). Semeniuk brings him to set point (19-24). Ben Tara sends Perugia ahead (21-25).
Monza made a rocket start in the quarter (4-1). Semeniuk shortens (5-4). Double ace by Takahashi (9-5). Maniout by Maar (10-5). In Plotnytskyi for Semeniuk. Maar doesn’t stop (12-6). Takahashi keeps his distance (16-10). Monza runs away (18-11). Semeniuk returns at 20-15. He beats the Ben Tara line (23-17). Inside Herrera. Takahashi takes Monza to set point (24-18). The Japanese again, we go to the tie break (25-19).
Monza advantage in the fifth (3-2). Block by Di Martino (5-3). Out Leon (7-4). Yes turn 8-5 for Monza. Two from Leon shorten the score (8-7). Ace by Leon (9-9). Galassi blows up the stadium (11-9). Ben Tara out then block on Semeniuk (13-9). Another error by Ben Tara, match point Monza (14-10). Takahashi closes the contest (15-11).


Eric Loeppky (MINT Vero Volley Monza)- « These playoffs have been very tough so far: five games with Civitanova, five with Trento and now this Series is even more challenging. In the first match we didn’t play at our best, perhaps we even felt a bit of pressure, but we returned to the field determined. Maar was absolutely decisive in attack, very important for us, but I think this is a team victory. We defended well, we never gave up and I’m really proud of that.”

Massimo Colaci (Sir Susa Vim Perugia)- « Whoever wins always deserves it because he does something more than his opponent. Well done and congratulations to them. The series is complicated and difficult, we knew it and we move forward. Game 3? Every match is fundamental, it’s clear that Thursday will be important, but in the playoffs we think about one match at a time. Let’s go home, watch tonight’s match to understand where we need to do better and prepare for Thursday.”

The scoreboard-

MINT VERO VOLLEY MONZA – SIR SUSA VIM PERUGIA 3-2 (25-20, 23-25, 21-25, 25-19, 15-11)

MINT VERO VOLLEY MONZA: Cachopa 1, Loeppky 13, Di Martino 6, Galassi 7, Maar 28, Takahashi 14, Gaggini (L.), Visic, Szwarc 2, Mujanovic. Ne: Comparoni, Morazzini (L.), Beretta. All. Eccheli

SIR SUSA VIM PERUGIA: Giannelli 2, Ben Tara 20, Flavio 8, Russo 9, Plotnytskyi 4, Semeniuk 10, Colaci (L.), Leon 24, Held, Solè 1, Herrera. Ne: Ropret, Toscani (L.), Candellaro. All. Lorenzetti

Referees: Lot, Cerra

Set duration: 27′, 33′, 33′, 31′, 19′; total: 143′

MVP: Stephen Maar (MINT Vero Volley Monza)


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