The short “Centro Sicilia Bio” supply chain in Caltanissetta conquers the public of Slow Food Grains – Terra Madre on the road – il Fatto Nisseno

An organic heart beats in the center of Sicily. This was well understood yesterday by the numerous participants who took part in the final event of the “Centro Sicilia Bio” project in Piazza Garibaldi in Caltanissetta, aimed at promoting and enhancing the organic production of the municipalities within the territory of the GAL Terre del Nisseno.

The final event was included within the two-day “Slow Food Grains – Terra Madre on the road”, dedicated to ancient grains, it was a unique opportunity to explore the authentic flavors of Sicily and to celebrate the short supply chain, with the participation of important local figures and national Slow Food. Among yesterday’s speeches were those of Giovanni Gueli and Gianluca Carnisciano, representatives of the La Mandorla cooperative leading the project, the mayor of Caltanissetta Roberto Gambino, the deputy mayor Grazia Giammusso and the director of the GAL Terre del Nisseno, Giuseppe Ippolito. Also present were the representatives of Slow Food, the national vice-president Roberta Billitteri, Fabio Di Francesco for Slow Food Sicilia and Mimmo Pontillo for Slow Food Grains, who further enriched the event, underlining the importance of valorising local productions and biodiversity.

During the event, visitors had the opportunity to discover and taste a vast range of organic products, from fruit to cheese, from honey to wine, to almonds and derived products such as delicious biscuits or bread made with a mixture of flours and almonds. At the Centro Sicilia Bio station, moments of dissemination and free tasting of the products were organized, offering a complete and engaging sensorial experience. The party was enriched by performances by street artists and stilt walkers, who made the atmosphere even more lively and joyful.

On the central stage of the event, a moment of in-depth analysis was held on the fundamental principles of the “Centro Sicilia Bio” project, highlighting the commitment of local producers in promoting sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture.
The “Centro Sicilia Bio” project aims to enhance organic production and the short supply chain. Its network of local farmers and producers is committed to ensuring high quality products, grown with love and respect for nature, without the use of harmful substances.

This very short supply chain allows consumers to know directly who produces what they consume, guaranteeing transparency and traceability.
The event promoted by Slow Food, “Slow Grains”, and which included the final event of “Centro Sicilia Bio”, further emphasized the importance of recovering local varieties of cereals and valorising agricultural traditions.

Through meetings, conferences and taste workshops, the two-day “Slow Grains” event offered a precious opportunity to delve deeper into issues related to the environmental, social and economic sustainability of food production, also hosting producers from not only all over Sicily but also from other Italian regions, such as Basilicata, Calabria and Sardinia.


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