Serie B, another derby for Indeco Molfetta: match against Modugno

Indeco Molfetta returns to play outside the walls of the PalaPoli and, on Sunday 21 April, challenges Modugno in a desperate search for safety points.

Many former players of the match will liven up the derby: among the blue and white ranks are the setter from Molfetta Altamura, the former setter Campanale, the center back Carofiglio, while the opposite Alberga has a youth experience in the red and white jersey, as does Pepe, now coach and once former Molfetta Volleyball athlete. To add a pinch of salt to the challenge, the challenge between the Petruzelli brothers: Francesco crushes for Modugno, Vincenzo is the mouth of fire for Molfetta.

Indeco Molfetta is fourth, with a view to the podium of the group: Grottaglie is first and already deservedly in the playoffs, Taviano lacks only the mathematical certainty of the promotion play-offs, then follows Galatone with 40 points and the Indeco Molfetta – Gioia pair, at odds 39, but with one race less than the Salento team third in the class. The situation at Modugno is not very rosy: to date, the white and blues are fifth to last and would be the last to be relegated, with a delay of six points from Leverano and eight from CUS Bari, but also with the rest period to be carried out compared to the others two suitors. Basically, Modugno has three matches left to finish the season, therefore nine points available, while CUS Bari and Ruffano, in addition to the lead in the standings, can still score 12 points. In the event of a victory for Indeco Molfetta, if Ruffano were to gain a point, the team coached by Pepe would be relegated to Serie C.

“They are almost at the last resort, which is why they will play to the death, even if both CUS Bari and Ruffano play with the top two in the rankings. Surely, however, they will not make calculations: they will want to win – the words of the central defender from Molfetta, Ivan Cappelluti, on the pitch as a starter in the last home match against Leverano – I’m very happy to have found the pitch after months of intense training. I’m in a good moment, but we all are: we want to finish as high as possible in the championship and we have that demonstrated by beating two battleships like Marigliano and Gioia and selling dearly to Taviano and Galatone at home to finish third. We’ve always been thinking about Sunday after Sunday: now we’re focused on the match against Modugno, it’s still a derby and they are a very warm crowd. We want to do well to get ready for the last three matches.”

Indeco Molfetta very focused and determined to remain at the top of the rankings. Modugno at the last beach. Ingredients that will make another Bari derby in group H hot and beautiful. Kick-off set for 6pm, at the Pantaleo sports hall in Modugno. Pellegrino Cece and Ruben Cioffi will referee the match.


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