the discount retailer fines motorists La Nuova Sardegna

the discount retailer fines motorists La Nuova Sardegna
the discount retailer fines motorists La Nuova Sardegna

Olbia. Hurry up and fill your cart, don’t waste time at the fruit stalls. The risk is to find yourself with a penalty of 30 EUR in the mailbox. In reality the aim is another: to fight the illegal parking in the car park stalls supermarket. But the news is still one of those that cause a stir. A sort of fine in the private car park that goes around the discount store: many thought it was a joke, while others were seriously alarmed. However, things are really like this: if you abandon the car for longer 90 minutes, a request for payment of 30 euros arrives directly at home. Numerous people were affected. It’s been happening since FebruaryEurospin which is located a few meters from the Costa Smeralda airport Olbia. To put an end to the phenomenon of wild parking and therefore of cars parked without being customers of the store, the managers of the discount store have relied on a private company which, as stated on the website, deals precisely with offering “solutions to combat illegal parking in your private car park”. But there are those who don’t like it – and protest because they claim to have stayed for over 90 minutes but still inside the supermarket – and those who instead raise doubts about the legitimacy of the operation.

Illegal parking. In these parts it is a novelty, but for a few months now, in other Italian cities, “fines” in private car parks have been a solution that has been gaining ground more and more rapidly, with the inevitable aftermath of controversy. In Olbia there is Eurospin near theairport to have tried. It is located in a somewhat particular area. The supermarket is in fact surrounded by the blue lines, that is, the paid parking areas of the Municipality, and above all it is located a stone’s throw from Costa Smeralda. Many, consequently, leave their car in the discount store car park to perhaps reach the airport, other shops and even some nearby offices. This is something that happens often, especially in the busiest areas of the city. They are usually read signs with the words “parking reserved for supermarket customers”, perhaps with the tow truck symbol next to it, while elsewhere you opt for the classic barrier. In the supermarket in the airport area, however, they turned to the company to resolve the issue Park & ​​Control based in Mantuawho has studied a plan that includes cameras and signs.

The penalty. Things work more or less like this: when you access the car park you sign up for a sort of subscription contract. It’s all written on the signs hanging at the entrance and also inside the area. We read that the car park is private, that the maximum parking allowed is 90 minutes and that the parking period is active automatic control of violations via a license plate reading system. However, you need a magnifying glass to read everything else. That is, the various reassurances on the processing of personal data, the rules on which the license plate recognition system is based and also the warning that, if you stay with your car in the car park for more than 90 minutes, a contractual penalty» of 30 euros per day. No tickets can be collected at the entrance. «The duration of the stop is automatically recorded – we read on the sign – via cameras equipped with a license plate recognition system, which detect the make, model and license plate of the vehicle entering and the day and time of entry and exit from the area. No type of parking is required.” Then the reference to the penalty, which arrives directly home and which must be paid by payment slip or bank transfer. Truly an absolute novelty, therefore, which however does not convince everyone, neither in Olbia nor in other Italian cities. For example, there are those who raise doubts about the legitimacy of the penalty, arguing that the only one authorized to fine motorists is the State alone.

The fined. The first penalties were delivered in recent weeks. One man, for example, says he has already received four letters worth 30 euros each. “But I never left the car to go somewhere else, I always stayed inside the supermarket,” he says. Then she shows one of his “fines”. The subject is this: «Violation parking conditions”. Then we read: «It was found that the car registered to you was parked for a period exceeding 90 minutes and this in violation of article 4 of the general contract conditions displayed in the parking area». And again: «The aforementioned contractual clause provides for the charging of the following sums: 30 euros as a penalty pursuant to article 7 of the contractual regulation». If you don’t pay by 45 days from the violation, the penalty increases by 18 euros. If you exceed the 100 days, however, the company “reserves the right to appoint a trusted lawyer, who will send a registered letter of payment reminder and warning to comply, the cost of which, equal to 60 euros, in terms of reimbursement of the legal expenses incurred by Park & Control, will be entirely borne by the non-compliant offender pursuant to article 10 of the general contract conditions”. A situation, the one that was created in the Eurospin car park, which is also starting to be talked about in the local police offices of Olbia. The commander Giovanni Mannoni, who had never faced a similar case, for the moment prefers not to go too far on the question of legitimacy. «This is a situation go into detail – explains -. I can certainly say that the minutes, to have legal value, must have mandatory characteristics. For example, they are sent by registered mail and not by ordinary mail. Furthermore, an authority to contact to present any appeals must be indicated. But I repeat, it is a completely new situation that deserves careful investigation.”

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