When only two fans went to the Cesena rally

When only two fans went to the Cesena rally
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There were 15,000 of them on Saturday afternoon at Manuzzi to cheer and applaud Mimmo Toscano’s team as they returned to Serie B. But there were only two of them last July 16th, under a scorching sun, to greet the team leaving for Acquapartita. Dani and Lela, the two Cesena super fans.

Nobody in the stadium

«That morning – says Daniela Angelini, manager of a post office in the city – we were having breakfast at the bar in Sant’Egidio and we had read that the team was leaving for training camp, but nothing was known about the usual gathering with the fans. I on a scooter and she on a bicycle decided to go to the stadium to see. There was no one in front of the grandstand, Lela wanted to go home, but I stubbornly went to check on the distinguished side, where the Club House is, and I saw the Cesena bus. I called Lela who reached me. We exchanged a few chats with some arriving players, while Toscano was already on the bus. When he left we waved goodbye to them.”

After a quiet start, the arrival at the finish line was triumphant. «We didn’t even imagine – continues Daniela, who started going to the stadium as a child in the 60s with her father Ellero – that we would have such a strong team. At the end of the match on Saturday I saw people crying. Those who are not fans struggle to understand certain things. For us it was an extraordinary year, which we will regret one day and which today repays us for the many sacrifices made, for the tension and anxiety experienced in certain moments.”

Two poor “geese”…

«Before going to the stadium – specifies Emanuela Graffieti who works at the Fagioli pastry shop and has followed the Bianconeri for more than 40 years – I called Michele Napoli, Toscano’s deputy, to confirm that the team was leaving. When we arrived at the stadium, surprisingly, we saw that there were no fans. It was just us, like two poor “geese”. There wasn’t even a Cesena manager there and we were a bit disappointed. We thought that after the great disappointment of the elimination in the play-offs against Lecco, it would be important to go and say goodbye to them to cheer them up and make them feel the closeness of the fans. We had the impression that the team was starting in disarray. Some players greeted us as they passed, others not even. It’s okay that we’re no longer… two little girls, though… Instead, during the season the team worked together as a group and gave us great joy, even if we suffered against Pescara until three minutes from the end.”

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