RdC – Modena, now seven battles. The real goal is to save yourself


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“Modena, now seven battles. The real objective is to save ourselves”, headlines the Resto del Carlino.

After many flights of fancy, the reality of a ranking that is starting to be scary. The calendar doesn’t help: only the match against Sudtirol appears affordable, on paper.

The playoffs are four points ahead, the playouts are as many behind. This is what the Serie B standings say with seven days remaining as far as Modena is concerned. A Modena which is currently in thirteenth place in the standings and which, given the performance of the second half of the season (10 points in 12 matches and only one victory) recommends trying to earn its place in the category as soon as possible by setting aside, at least for the moment, all the flights of fancy regarding the playoffs. Also because the calendar awaiting the yellows is anything but easy: three games at home and four away from Braglia, all games to be taken with a pinch of salt with the exception perhaps of the last one at home to a Lecco team now strongly suspected of being directly relegated , but who certainly will not want, in this case, to say goodbye to his audience with a submissive performance. Regardless of the opponents to face, it is the yellows’ moment that is worrying: the widespread feeling is in fact that of a team that, after having traveled in the comfort zone of the left side of the ranking for over half the season, finds itself timid and disoriented at the moment to play bayonet […].

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Sampdoria's (almost) perfect month. Menez, symbol of Bari's season. Seven points between play-offs and play-outs: what a balance!

First floor

Serie B, the decisions of the Sports Judge: 6 disqualified Six disqualified, all for one match, after the 12th second leg of the BKT Series. The sports judge in fact stopped Coulibaly and Gomes (Palermo), Barbieri (Pisa), Bellemo (Como), Bertagnoli (Brescia) and Manconi (Modena) for a day.
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