Home robbery in Como in via Bonanomi, 58-year-old woman beaten by criminals

Home robbery in Como in via Bonanomi, 58-year-old woman beaten by criminals
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Violent house robbery in the center of Como, in via Bonanomi. A woman was beaten by criminals who went into action wearing anti-Covid masks to cover her face. The victim was rescued and taken to hospital. Police investigations to identify those responsible.
The bandits went into action this morning and targeted the home of a husband and wife couple aged 60 and 58. From initial reconstructions, they waited for the man to leave the house to go and open his shop and then went into action a few minutes later while the woman, who works with her husband, was still at home.

Two men apparently broke into the house and attacked and beat the woman, also hitting her violently in the face. The criminals then raided the valuables present in the house. The loot, yet to be precisely quantified, would be a thousand euros in cash, a Rolex watch and jewels worth around 15 thousand euros. The bandits then fled.

The woman raised the alarm and asked the police to intervene. The police officers from the Como police station arrived in via Bonanomi and then the colleagues from the flying squad, who started the investigation. The images from the surveillance cameras are being examined. The woman was taken to hospital for checks and treatment. She suffered a broken cheekbone from the blow to the face.

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