the water emergency becomes a nightmare for tourism

The water emergency gripping the province of Agrigento has turned into a nightmare for tourism and restaurant activities.

During the holidays, between Easter and Easter Monday, many tourists had to deal with the lack of water in hotels and B&Bs.

The symbolic image: water bins at the foot of the stairs of a prestigious B&B in via Atenea. A humiliation for tourists and a mockery for the image of a city that thrives on tourism.

Bars and restaurants had to close their doors due to water shortages, resulting in serious economic losses.

To deal with the emergency, many supplied themselves with bins from the Bonamorone fountain, others asked Aica to send tankers, while tourist facilities were forced to turn to private individuals.

The situation is of great concern for the next tourist season.

Federlberghi has asked for an urgent meeting with the Prefect of Agrigento, Filippo Romano, to discuss the serious situation and find adequate solutions.

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