Strait of Messina: List of Expropriations for the Bridge Published – Information Desk Open

Strait of Messina: List of Expropriations for the Bridge Published – Information Desk Open
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The long-awaited list of expropriations relating to the construction of the Bridge over the Strait of Messina has finally been published. This important notice, together with the Parcel Plan and the List of Owner Companies, can now be consulted on the institutional websites of the Calabria Region, the Sicilian Region and the Strait of Messina. You can download the documentation by clicking on the following link: Furthermore, the list was posted on the notice boards of the municipalities affected by the intervention.

This intermediate phase, which follows the publication of the notice, offers all interested parties the opportunity to examine the documentation relating to the expropriation plan and to present any observations. To facilitate this process, the Stretto di Messina company has established “Information Desk” both in Messina and Villa San Giovanni, which will provide support during the analysis of the documentation. These counters will be hosted in dedicated spaces provided by the respective municipalities.

In addition, starting from 8 April, an info point will be set up at the Palacultura, available to all those who want further information on the topic. To obtain assistance from the technical staff, it is necessary to book a telephone appointment at the following numbers: 06.85826210 – 06.85826230 – 06.85826270. The desk will be open on Mondays from 3pm to 5pm, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 5pm, excluding public holidays.

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