possible light rain between today and tomorrow

possible light rain between today and tomorrow
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The Lamma (Consortium between the Tuscany Region and CNR specialized in meteorology, climatology, geographical information systems and geology) communicates the expectedoni weather forecast for the Tuscany for the next few days.

Today cloudy or very cloudy; possibility of isolated and short rains. Partial clearings from late afternoon starting from the coast.
Winds: weak Scirocco on the coast with local reinforcements. Weak from the south, south-west inland.
Mari: moved.
Temperatures: almost stationary.

According to the bulletin with the weather forecast for Tuscany prepared by Lamma, Tomorrow Cloudy skies are expected in the northern areas (possible drizzle in the north-west), slightly cloudy in the central and southern areas.
Winds: weak southerly.
Mari: soon moving and moving.
Temperatures: minimum stationary, maximum increasing

Friday 5 slightly cloudy or hazy.
Winds: weak southerly.
Mari: little moved.
Temperatures: stationary or slightly increasing in the afternoon.

Saturday 6 clear or slightly cloudy.
Winds: light.
Mari: little moved.
Temperatures: minimum temperatures decreasing, maximum temperatures increasing.

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To monitor the situation as best as possible weather forecast in real time, below we provide a list of pages with all the useful information to follow the meteorological nowcasting minute by minute:

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