Healthcare. In Taranto there are 400 nurses missing

Healthcare. In Taranto there are 400 nurses missing
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Taranto is in an emergency from a health point of view: according to the Order of Nursing Professions there would be a shortage of four hundred nurses throughout the province. And there is no announcement in sight, but also no ranking from which to draw personnel. Not only that: while healthcare facilities risk collapsing under the weight of the public’s demands, just consider the long queues of ambulances in the emergency room, on the other hand there are dozens of unemployed recent graduates. In short, competitions are missing. This is the complaint by Pierpaolo Volpe, president of the Order of Nursing Professions of Taranto, made through a press note and a letter directly to the president of the Puglia Region Michele Emiliano, in which he denounces serious inefficiencies: «Staff reduced to the bone despite being on the move dozens of new graduates who are waiting hopefully for a call, a sign of a regional programming that is flawed, of a health and health plan that does not work. The most disturbing aspect is that in Taranto there is a lack of rankings not only for the hiring of permanent staff, but also rankings, together with public notices, for the recruitment of fixed-term nurses who can replace absent staff in case of accident, illness or pregnancy, in short, there is a lack of nurses who can be hired even though they are able to hire. A paradox that certifies the programmatic inefficiency of the Region, reluctant to grant authorizations to the Taranto Local Health Authority despite the various requests received, even in recent months, by the Health Department”. Volpe continues: «The excessive rigidity and slowness of the regional technostructure contrasts with the needs of healthcare companies such as that of Taranto which is at risk of collapse. It is unacceptable that there are biblical times to authorize the issuing of public notices for the recruitment of temporary nurses and I want to remind technicians that we are talking about healthcare facilities that produce health and must meet the needs of the population. We must not lose sight of the constitutional principle of the right to health which risks being compromised if extremely urgent action is not taken. The structures are collapsing and the few nurses present in the departments and services of the ASL Taranto are paying the consequences. The situation has become unsustainable and above all paradoxical where, faced with a frightening shortage of nurses, we have dozens of unemployed newly graduated nurses.” Volpe therefore expressly asks the regional councilor Rocco Palese and the director of the Health Department, Vito Montanaro, for concrete answers: “since the serious staffing crisis has irreparable repercussions on the service to users, which is increasingly exasperated”. Volpe concludes: «It is not clear what the difficulty is in authorizing public notices for the recruitment of fixed-term staff only for Taranto, when it seems that other healthcare companies have already started and concluded the recruitment procedures. Taranto always remains the most penalized province, which is why it is necessary for governor Emiliano to intervene personally by shining a light on the work of the regional technicians”.

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