Modica, city invaded by weeds, weeding postponed also for Easter –

Not even Easter served as an excuse to clean Modica of the weeds that are now invading every corner of the city.

It is now expected that at least the Patron Saint San Giorgio will grant grace and allow the cleaning of streets and side streets, where the situation risks becoming truly dangerous with the arrival of high temperatures. In fact, uncultivated grass can risk burning or being a receptacle for insects and animals.

It is not clear why the administration decided to start carrying out the weeding from Marina di Modica and leave the historic center for last.

But the most abandoned area is always Upper Modica as the councilor has reported several times Alessio Ruffino. “The problem here is not only the weeding but also the condition of the roads. This part of Modica, despite the stress, continues to be abandoned to itself and isolated from the rest of the city. Also regarding transport. Shuttles to the Madonna Vasa Vasa had been announced but there were none” Returning to the problem of weeding, Ruffino talks about a lack of planning. “It is not possible to always wait until the last moment to take care of what should be normal city maintenance. Weeding must be done within the established times and ways and must be a priority as it always was with the previous administration”

The lack of planning also creates further inconveniences, in fact, to find a quick solution the work is often entrusted to non-specialised companies that cut the weeds without any warning, leaving the same cut grass fluttering around the city or deposited on the machines in stopover.

A situation that is now unsustainable, all you need to do is take a walk to realize that what has been reported is unfortunately absolutely confirmed by the images that come from every area of ​​the city, as former councilor Franco Miliello points out.

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