Critical issues in the Matera prison: AIGA urges the appointment of a Guarantor for prisoners

Overcrowding and structural deficiencies are among the main problems found by the National Prison Observatory

During the visit to the Matera prison, AIGA highlighted serious problems of overcrowding and structural deficiencies, underlining the urgent need to appoint a regional guarantor for the rights of prisoners in Basilicata

As part of the project to visit Italian prisons promoted by the AIGA ONAC, a delegation recently inspected the Matera prison, finding numerous problems related to overcrowding and structural and staffing deficiencies. The delegation, made up of lawyers Maria Teresa Tralli, Valeria Montemurro and Walter Viceconte, was welcomed by the institute’s staff who daily deal with the difficult management of prisoners’ rights in balance with the needs of order and security.

Among the critical issues that emerged, the merger with the Altamura institute stands out, which has exacerbated the problem of overcrowding, and the lack of adequate spaces for recreational and training activities. Despite this, there are positive initiatives such as the “Made in Prison” tailoring laboratory and the forthcoming opening of an internal bakery.

However, the AIGA of Matera highlights with concern the absence of a regional Guarantor for the rights of prisoners, underlining how this figure is fundamental to guarantee the protection of rights and living conditions within penitentiary facilities.

The lack of such a figure in Basilicata is interpreted as a sign of little interest on the part of local institutions towards the problems of places of detention and the protection of the fundamental rights of prisoners.

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