“Anti-fascist solidarity in Ilaria”. Roberto Salis guest at the ANPI meeting

“Anti-fascist solidarity in Ilaria”. Roberto Salis guest at the ANPI meeting
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Roberto Salis, father of Ilaria, the young Italian anti-fascist detained in Hungary, will be in Cormano on the occasion of an evening organized by the local section of the Anpi. The meeting open to the public will be held on Tuesday 9 April at 9pm at the Salone della Vignetta in via Beccaria 1. “We ask everyone to demonstrate our anti-fascist solidarity to the Salis family”, writes Anpi in a note inviting citizens to participate .

Ilaria has been detained in inhuman conditions for almost a year in Budapest prison on charges of having taken part, together with a group of German anti-fascists, in an attack against neo-Nazis in the Hungarian capital. Her story is provoking indignant reactions throughout Italy, especially after the court also denied her house arrest.

On the occasion of the hearing tomorrow 28 March, on the initiative of some sections of the city of Milan and its province, the Provincial ANPI had decided to award Ilaria Salis the “Friends of ANPI” membership card. “Together with the provincial President we decided to do this act as a sign of solidarity with Ilaria, but above all to support the battle of the family and her lawyers to allow Ilaria to return to our country, because in Hungary there are no conditions for a detention worthy of a civilized country, nor the security of a fair trial, especially after the statements of the Hungarian Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó. We consider this act by an association like ANPI, which has always fought every form of fascism, to be important”, writes Anpi Milano in a note.

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