Ludovico Diaz is the new CEO of NTT Data Italia

Ludovico Diaz is the new CEO of NTT Data Italia
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News at home NTT Data. The multinational leader in the IT consultancy and services sector has announced the appointment of Ludovico Diaz as CEO of NTT Data Italia, who thus takes over from Miyuki Ide, former EMEAL chief operating officer of NTT Data and board member, appointed interim last year March in place of Walter Ruffinoni, who led the Italian branch for over ten years.

“I am proud to return to the NTT Data team, which in recent years has been able to stand out on the market as one of the main global players in the field of consultancy and management of digital services”, he said in a statement Ludovico Diaz, new CEO of NTT Data Italia. “We are experiencing a unique and surprising moment of discontinuity, in which new technologies promise and allow us to profoundly improve the way companies do business and the lifestyle of individuals. Never before has it been more important to be alongside customers to help them in this transformation journey and we will do so with a model and a consultancy approach that aims to share experiences that we are experiencing internally applied to our operational processes, thus allowing us to offer them new opportunities. We live in the era of Artificial Intelligence, where, however, opportunity must always rhyme with responsibility, so that no one is left behind. Our task will be to guide this exponential and irreversible change, so that it guarantees business acceleration, always enhancing the role of people and enriching their skills,” she added.

NTT Data, who is Ludovico Diaz

With a scientific and humanistic education, given that he graduated in mathematics at the University of Padua and at the same time studied piano and French horn at the Verona Conservatory – Ludovico Diaz has always believed in the synergy between art and science, where creative thought and analytical meet, and he has always been committed to combining ethics and innovation, both in the context of business processes and in the development of new technologies.

On a professional level, he has in-depth knowledge din the company: in 2000 he participated in the founding of VPWeb, which later became Value Team, a company which in 2011 became part of the Japanese multinational. Subsequently, after a few years in Italy, a period in which he held increasingly important roles as consultant and relationship manager with some of the main clients, in 2010 he became CEO of the group’s Turkish branch, a role he held for four years. In 2014 he assumed the responsibility of CEO of Selecta Digital Services, which he helped transform from an industrial company to a Data Tech Company. In 2022, upon completion of the transformation process, he accompanied Selecta to the merger with Datlas. Operation which led to the birth of Datlas Group, the only Italian player to operate in the field of outbound and inbound customer interaction processes.


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