Avalanche in the mountains in Veneto, involving a 14-year-old regional girl: fortunately unharmed

Avalanche in the mountains in Veneto, involving a 14-year-old regional girl: fortunately unharmed
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Two ski mountaineers involved in an avalanche under Forcella della Neve were pulled out of the snow by those who were fortunately on site. The alarm, raised around midday by a witness, immediately caused the Suem helicopter from Pieve di Cadore to take off, landing the medical team, helicopter rescue technician and avalanche dog unit with a 50 meter winch, at around 2,400 meters of altitude. From initial information, a group of two adults and 5 children were headed to the ridge, today there must have been around fifty ski mountaineers at Forcella della Neve. When 6 of us reached the top, the separation occurred which involved a fourteen-year-old girl from Forni Avoltri (UD), who was 20 meters lower than the rest of the group and was dragged about sixty meters into the canal. Having remained buried for 5 minutes under a meter of snow, she was immediately freed by rescuers from the Guardia di Finanza of Auronzo, who coincidentally were training nearby. The rescuers also extracted from the snow a second ski mountaineer, a foreigner, involved, who was even lower in the canal, emerged from the blanket from the torso up and was unharmed. The injured woman, who complained of back pain, was loaded onto a stretcher, recovered with the winch and transported to the Belluno hospital to be checked for possible trauma. While the health team was taking care of the girl, the air ambulance from the Aiut Alpin Dolomites of Bolzano also arrived, which then recovered the Pieve dog unit and the unharmed companions who remained in Forcella, as they had lost their skis in the avalanche while going up walk the last meters, to accompany them to Misurina

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