Teramo: Committee reports critical issues regarding new hospital in Villa Mosca

Teramo: Committee reports critical issues regarding new hospital in Villa Mosca
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In Teramo, the debate on the construction of the new hospital is becoming increasingly heated. The working group responsible for evaluating the feasibility of the project recently presented a report that highlights “significant and relevant critical issues”

Critical issues highlighted in the three design hypotheses examined for the Villa Mosca site currently occupied by the Mazzini hospital. For the Pro-Mazzini committee, the difficulties identified by the working group can be overcome, thanks to the large spaces available at the indicated site, ideal for a second level hospital. This issue is sensitive and requires careful consideration. For this reason, tomorrow 3 April the special health commission of the municipality of Teramo will take place, organized specifically for technical and health insights for the construction of the new hospital. The future of healthcare in Teramo hangs in the balance, and decisions made in upcoming meetings could determine the course of healthcare in the region for decades to come.

Below we publish a note from the pro Mazzini committee.
A well-known and experienced political exponent of the First Republic said: «When you want to cancel a legitimate claim of the citizens, a commission is appointed». This happened in relation to the new hospital in Teramo, with the aim of overturning the unanimous vote of the extraordinary municipal council in favor of its allocation to Villa Mosca.
The establishment of the working group seemed unbalanced from the first moment, with the failure to accept the presence of the Pro Mazzini Committee, which has been active on the topic for years and capable of involving thousands of citizens as well as 30 associations. Furthermore, the prejudicial political-institutional direction towards the Villa Mosca site within the technical table is serious, as shown in the minutes, since the general director of the Health Department of the Abruzzo Region, Claudio D’Amario, has repeatedly tried to divert the technicians’ work to the Piano D’Accio Contrada Fiumicino area, even though it had not been requested by the unanimous resolution of the City Council. Council, which, remember, is the only body with competence in urban planning matters, especially if we consider the importance of the work and the social and urban planning implications of the same.
Secondly, it is astonishing that in the summary note of the technical group’s work, problems emerge such as those related to noise, dust and traffic spaces, which today, in 2024, are more than easily overcome as well as having already been known to everyone for some time. forgetful. The note also highlights some “critical issues”, which should not be confused as conditions of “impossibility”, with the difference that the former can be overcome, while the latter cannot. In fact, from the resolution of the municipal council establishing the Working Group it appears that the municipal council itself should return to discussing another area only if the table certifies a real impossibility to build the new hospital in the current Mazzini area of ​​Villa Mosca . An impossibility which in fact is not certified and at the same time the possible conditions for overcoming the identified critical issues are not examined, with the sole aim of rejecting the Villa Mosca site and identifying the Piano d’Accio site as an alternative.
Furthermore, it is clear that the new hospital is not a 2nd level but a 1st level, in total contrast with the deliberative act of the City Council of 10/17/2023. And therefore it is clear that this structure is nothing more than a replica of Mazzini. This has always been opposed by the Pro Mazzini committee and by the 10 thousand people who signed the petition in favor of the Villa Mosca site. The statements which would certify the sum for the seismic adaptation of the existing structures at around 200 million euros then emerge as inadequate, a figure not verified with documentation by the Technical Group and which this committee believes definitively determines the escalation of abandonment of the structures, despite the continuous perpetuation and renewal of functional agreements and possible completions of existing structures (see the recent signing of the agreement for the completion of the multi-storey car park).
Finally, a rather strange issue concerns the desire on the part of the technicians representing the ASL and the Abruzzo Region not to take into account at all what was said by the manager of the urban planning area of ​​the Municipality of Teramo regarding an issue: the possibility, as a public work , to derogate from the heights foreseen by the NTA of the current PRG (14.50m) which would allow an increase in the heights currently considered, leading to a possible decrease in the surface area and an easier synthesis for a solution in the area. All this appears to be an attempt to move the Teramo hospital to the Piano D’Accio site, currently privately owned and not public, partly for agricultural use, with the presence of as many as a thousand olive trees. Furthermore, that area insists on a single-lane roundabout which already serves the shopping center and the stadium at the same time, with the need for a dedicated exit coming from Teramo-Mare which currently does not exist, close to a river and requiring cutting of the hill of a few tens of metres, similar to the impactful one in the area of ​​the current hospital, which led to the construction of the mega car park, which has yet to become fully operational.
For what has been briefly stated and for the many other aspects not covered, we ask the Municipal Health Commission, which will meet tomorrow 3 April, to accept the request of the undersigned Committee, as well as other bodies that wish to do so, to be able to be part of it for the purpose to reach a positive outcome in the shortest possible time in favor of the construction of the new hospital in Teramo, in order to avoid the loss of the important ministerial funding of 120 million euros. If this does not happen, we will return to the people to inform them and report what happened.

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