AcquistiPA, solutions for contracting authorities | Meeting on 4/22


“Purchasing: solutions for local contracting authorities” is the title of the new meeting of the AcquistiPA series which will be held on April 22nd, from 9.30 to 12.30.

XIX Small Municipalities Assembly

The initiative, organized by the Metropolitan City of Turin with the collaboration of ANCI Piedmont, will be dedicated to some aspects of particular interest of the new Procurement Code and the initiatives adopted by the Metropolitan City.

We remind you that, as a result of Legislative Decree no. 36 of 31 March 2023, starting from 1 January this year, Contracting Authorities must compulsorily use certified e-procurement platforms for the digital management of contractual awarding procedures.

Speakers at the meeting on April 22nd will be:

  • Silvia Baiettoof the Single Central Directorate for Procurement and Contracts Metropolitan City of Turin, with a speech on the topic “Initiatives of the CmTO, Aggregator”;
  • Vania Rostagnofrom the Consip spa Contract Promotion Division, who will talk about the “Mobile Telephony 9 and Local Networks 8” agreements;
  • Veronica Iozziof the Consip spa eProcurement Promotion Division, with a speech on the preparation of the “Simple Offer Request and integration with ANAC (Cig and ANAC form)”
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